#168127  by Wharfster
My Carvin DCM200L just crapped out after some long happy years. One channel sounds fine, the other seems to have blown a capacitor (loud crack/pop sound that rocks the speaker in its frame, as though it’s clipping). I’ve had two techs tell me they don’t work on these, so a repair seems unlikely. If anyone wants one of these with the problems described, I’ll cut you a deal :lol:

Where are you all turning to for 1U rack mount power amps? What alternatives to the Carvin are you using? I’m currently looking at the Fryette LXII, but it seems expensive. Looking for something that’s powerful enough for clean headroom, either tube or solid state.

Thanks for your thoughts! :cool:
 #168129  by Jon S.
I started out with a Rocktron Velocity 300. It sounded fine (really nice, actually) but I had it in a 3U rack and wanted a lighter weight unit so I sold it and replaced it with a Carvin DCM200L.

I REALLY like how the Carvin unit sounds. I love that it weighs 4 lbs. I also own an MC50. I actually find myself using the Carvin more because it excels in my view even in low volume situations where I feel my MC50 sounds less good. But that's just me. I know others differ.

If you don't need a lot of power, perhaps consider a Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD (10 lbs.)? http://www.rocktron.com/velocity-100ltd-rack.html Or if you need more power, a Mainline (17 lbs.). http://www.rocktron.com/mainline.html
 #168130  by lbpesq
If my Carvin DCM200L died, I’d be looking for another, used of course as Carvin is no longer in business. I remember doing a lot of research into 1U power amps when I initially purchased my Carvin 8-10 years ago. As I recall, there was absolutely nothing comparable. All the others on the market at the time were both heavier and a lot more expensive. I run an Alembic F-2B pre-amp into the Carvin. I plug my guitar into channel 1 of the F-2B, use the old Fender “jumper” trick, plugging the second channel 1 input into the channel 2 input, and plug each channel, stereo, into the Carvin, then each channel into its own 1x12 cab (JBL K120s). The two mentioned above are MUCH heavier, 10 and 17 lbs., as opposed to the Carvin’s 4 lbs., and still have less power! I’m curious to see if anyone comes up with something more similar to the Carvin.

Bill, tgo
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 #168131  by Wharfster
Cool. Thanks for the instant feedback, folks.

I ran the Carvin for a long while, and was happy with it for its high headroom and good lower volume sounds. Bummer about the Carvin is indeed its rarity. It’s also disappointing to hear that they’re not worth servicing if they die. It makes me wonder, how good was this thing quality-wise in the first place, if amp techs won’t even bother? I guess the same question would apply to other solid state amps in a similar price range.

This leads me to wonder what else it out there - some very cool suggestions from Rocktron, especially the Velocity 100 and Mainline. Thank you! My questions, upon consideration: Will a 50 watt per channel power amp be as loud and clean as the Carvin? Or would the Mainline be a better bet, for its higher wattage (150 watts/channel)? I can’t imagine not being happy with something of similar price as the Carvin, in spite of the build quality issues I raised.

I’m wondering if now might be a good time to upgrade... cool though they are, I’m not interesting in the MacIntosh direction. Too heavy and cumbersome for gigging, and worried about having to service and modify it for the needs of a guitar rig. Plus the only one I’d really want is the MC2300, and those are beastly large and crazy expensive. I’m not going for a “Pure Jerry” tone. I run two preamps into my power section - one Fender-esque, the other Dumble-esque, using a ABY switcher to switch between the two and blend the signal for a dual amp sound.

On the high end, I’m looking at the Fryette LXII. Looks like a great solution for those of us running rack gear. Quite a bit more expensive, so more of a hurdle to afford. What would be the advantages or disadvantages be with a TUBE power amp versus solid state? Is this really worth the leap in price?

Curious to hear more thoughts and recommendations from you all as we keep searching for the sound.
 #168134  by lbpesq
The Mainline is 150 watts/channel into 4 ohms. It is 75 watts/channel into 8 ohms. The Carvin is 100 watts/channel into 8 ohms, so the Mainline still isn’t as powerful as the Carvin. The Art unit looks really nice, especially for the price, though it, too, it quite a bit heavier than the Carvin: 4 vs. 13 lbs.

Bill, tgo
 #168136  by tdcrjeff
Then there's this:

 #168137  by Jon S.
When I owned my Rocktron Velocity 300, I found the Resonance and Presence controls to be indispensable to getting the best tones. The new Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD and Mainline units also have these controls. Were it me whose Carvin unit died, I'd certainly give the new Rocktrons serious consideration.
 #168176  by ac4468
lightningbolt wrote: Wed Sep 09, 2020 10:40 pm Carvin is back in business after a re-org.
They are not currently selling the DCML 200 but I would call and see if they have one sitting around or would service your unit.
I've had no luck with that. The DCM200l is very hard to find now. Look for DCM150's and the HT150. The main differences are weight. the 200l is only 4+lbs. The DCM150 and HT150 are closer to 10 and the latter cab be used with 240 or 120v. Both are great 1U amps as well and more than powerful enough.
 #168177  by lbpesq
Here is a 1U stereo power amp currently on craigslist, San Francisco Bay Area. The ADA Microtube 200. I don’t know anything about the amp, but it does look interesting. The one in the link looks a little beat up, but they are apparently not hard to find for under $200

Bill, tgo