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Wall of Sound
by ac4468 -   - In: Live Sound and Recording
25 Replies
 by ac4468
Bugera PS1 Power Soak Connection?
by LazyLightning72 -   - In: Jerry Tone
14 Replies
 by LazyLightning72
Good OD Pedal Choice?
by LazyLightning72 -   - In: Jerry Tone
39 Replies
 by Searing75
What pickups would you recommend for 1974 wolph tones?
by TubaEric -   - In: Jerry Tone
24 Replies
 by lbpesq
Irwin guitars update
by broesau -   - In: Guitar Building and Mods
3 Replies
 by lbpesq
Thick Air
by wpmartin1979 -   - In: Jerry Tone
51 Replies
 by wpmartin1979
LEFT HAND MONKEY WRENCH at So Many Roads Brewery in Denver CO April 23rd and 24th
by BrianBessignano -   - In: member's gigs and live music dates
1 Replies
 by lbpesq
Jerry had a custom Stew Mac guitar?
by wpmartin1979 -   - In: Guitar Building and Mods
5 Replies
 by PHersh
Greetings from El Cerrito, CA!
by Neil Godbole -   - In: Introductions
2 Replies
 by Jon S.
Farm Pedals Dual Jackplate and OBEL buffer
by tdcrjeff -   - In: Guitar Building and Mods
3 Replies
 by wpmartin1979