#170203  by moneycrazy43
Hello all!

I've been lurking these forums for a few years now but this is my first post here. After spending the last few years window shopping and researching options for a Jerry guitar, I've finally committed to modifying one of the guitars I already own and am now looking for someone experienced that is willing to do this type of work. The guitar I would like to modify is a 1981 Vantage VP795 made in the Japanese Matsumoku Factory. I'll attach a picture of it.

I am looking to:
-Add a middle humbucker
-Change all the pickups to Super 2s wired for coil splitting. The neck and bridge are already wired for coil splitting through one of the existing mini switches. The other mini switch is for "out of phase" which I never use, and I would like to change the function of this switch to split the middle pickup.
-Add a 5 way Fender pup selector
-Upgrade tuners
-Upgrade tone pots and capacitors
-Add OBEL and Wald Buffer (not a deal breaker but still would like to if possible)
-Change bridge to Jerry bridge (not sure what its called)
-Also considering getting a custom paint job and inlay

If you guys have any recommendations for someone willing to take on this work please let me know! I'm located in Arizona but I'm back and forth between here and the Bay Area consistently. Thanks for all the info throughout the years everyone, this community is amazing.

 #170204  by NeilG1
Lots of options out there, two that would do outstanding work are:
Brian White, IO custom guitars. Goes by milobender here

Anthony Coscia. Handle here is ac- then some numbers. Can’t remember! But google him or search threads here.

Either would make you a beautiful axe.
 #170205  by wpmartin1979
You could try Brian but I’m not sure he’s doing mods anymore.
Have you considered building one yourself. The mods will be very expensive and not cost effective. Luthier work is usually at least $50/hour plus shipping both ways and parts etc.
Most of the stuff you want to do is really pretty easy to figure out if you research it. The routing for a third humbucker is probably the most difficult, but you can get stuff like this from Warmoth.

Then you can choose a custom neck style etc. there are wiring diagrams etc available from Warmoth and Stewmac or you can get wiring harnesses and kits off eBay.
You might be too busy etc and DIY not for everyone, but just a suggestion.
If DIY not your thing any local luthier in your area could probably accomplish what you want to do, it’s not difficult stuff for them to do, but also not very cost effective for you.