#85182  by tigerstrat
6/10/90 (Jackson Gear Book, p.248 ) Yes this is a fantastic view of his first Ken Smith bass, but I don't think I looked at the rig in this shot before, or perhaps mistook it for Weir's rig at a glance.

Isn't that actually Phil's rig, with what looks to be an AF-9 attached to the front corner?
 #85184  by hogan
I think that's Bob's but the angle of the shot is misleading. That's how Weir's af-9 was perched, or something close to that and kind of strangely done. Then he added another one (afl) and it was crudely put up next to the af-9 until he had rack panels cut like jerry's to hold them. I digress, as you know all this.
 #85213  by tigerstrat
Cool, sorry for the false alarm. I guess I didn't know Weir was using those GT preamps at this time. Now how do I delete this thread? :oops: :lol:
 #85261  by ugly rumor
Sorry, you can't delete! Your shame is there for all to see! :P
 #85263  by strumminsix
Care to maybe identify what's in Bob's rack and change the thread title then I'll move it to the Bobby's section.

I've not seen that pic before and finding it interesting.