#14730  by reccstermatt
Hello to All,

I was curious as to how many of you out there have seen this song played live by the Dead and which version you liked more. Thanks!

 #14733  by bodiddley
I've never seen it live but my favorite live version is 5-1-77, Tragically the last few seconds of the sounboard is cut....don't that figure!? So I listen to the aud recording of it most of the time.

 #14738  by golfnutt
I saw them perform it many a time as far as a favorite version can't give an exact date. The version on DL Vol. 7 is really good!

 #14750  by Rev_Roach
I like 5/18/77. Brokedown is the encore and it finishes a great show.

 #14765  by tigerstrat
Brokedown was by far my favorite (OK, along with Baby Blue and Bid U Goodnight) encore song while seeing them live, and I caught it maybe 10 times out of 150.

4-06-89 Crisler Arena,Ann Arbor
6-23-88 Alpine Valley
7-17-88 Greek Theatre
7-15-89 Deer Creek
12-31-89 Oakland
6-20-91 Pine Knob

 #14773  by bodiddley
Ya, I just checked out that 5-18-77 version and thought it very good. If you like that, I highly recomend 5-1-77. In fact I like like the way they sound so much I'm going to listen to the remaining 3-4 versions from '77 later tonight. Great stuff!

 #18808  by Deadin87
I've lately been listening to 2/14/86 version - although I love the 77's - Jerry's voice has a wonderful full and raspy quality on this version - full of heart and soul

 #18818  by IamDocWatson
dp11 hands down, my favorite garcia solo ive ever heard, bob is so sick in this one, perfect sound quality the levels are so good on that whole album...

dicks picks 11 is the best

 #18835  by zoppenheimer
I really dig the one on dead set, Brent adds a really nice touch to it.

 #18839  by G'Dad
Heard it live twice, both times at the Rainbow Theater London on March 24th 1981 and October 6th 1981.

Favourite version is the one off Dead Set

 #18893  by myoung6923
I've seen it a bunch of times - most of which I don't remember when or where. But the most memorable one was in Pittsburg Civic Center - 85 (I think?) - It was an encore and Jerry started into the first verse totally wrong - they just stopped all together - then Jerry says something into the mic like "that was really good wasn't it" - and then they start the song all over again and Jerry sings it correctly - funny shit!

I love that song...

 #37620  by weirimpressed
how many times did they play the song in '77? i love its use as an encore, really has the heart to be a good closing song, and leave you waiting for the next show..

 #37625  by bodiddley
They only did it around 5 times in '77...have to check my DeadBase. I just love the way they did it that year, too bad there's not more versions.

 #37626  by weirimpressed
they only played it five times? wow, I thought it was more than that. theres something about that year and song...