#174615  by Darkstar860
^ No theres no pot on it. But im sure you could add one. The Phred ones dont have a pot on them either.
 #174616  by Slewfoot2000
If you’re looking for a buffer that has boost capabilities as well, definitely look into Brad’s Doozy Boost. It offers a similar tone enhancement to his Black Box.

The other week I plugged directly into my 67 Princeton which I usually find to offer the purest tone. But these days I actually prefer going through the pedalboard because of the Doozy Boost. Even when off and it just acts as a buffer it helps to make things shine a bit brighter. It kinda works some magic.
 #174622  by Chocol8
I am only interested in onboard buffer options. The ability to adjust the gain allows you to set the output from multiple different guitars to an even level so that they are plug and play into an envelope filter.