#171415  by Phrygian
I have narrowed down to the Micro-Tron IV and the Source Audio Spectrum. On the plus side for the Spectrum is versatility. The user is able to adjust numerous parameters using the Neuro app, then save as a preset. The octave function is appealing. One of the demo videos features a guitarist playing Shakedown Street, which sounds good to me.

I am sure the Micro-Tron does an excellent job, given the same guy designed it and the original Mu-Tron. I intend to decide and order this weekend.

I appreciate the feedback and comments!
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 #171417  by lbpesq
I just listened to a youtube demo of the Source Audio Spectrum used for Shakedown Street. Sort of sounds like an envelope with a little flanger mixed in.

I tend to stay away from pedals that offer too much variety. I can understand their usefulness for recording purposes, but for live playing I want a pedal that will do one sound consistently. Something that I have to bend over and readjust between each song while playing live is just too much of a hassle. But that’s just me.

Bill, tgo
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 #171419  by NeilG1
A friend of mine has the source audio. It’s an amazing digital modulation pedal. Much more than just an EF for sure. And presets through a midi switch make it usable.
My opinion:
If you’re looking for Jerry, it’s the micro-tron every time. If you’re looking for a powerful digital pedal that includes EF and some other effects, that can also do a pretty decent Jerry, get the Source Audio.
I’m with Bill, in that I personally find complicated pedals to be……. Complicated.
But that’s just me.
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 #171420  by joethepainter
I love my green label big box ehx Q tron from the early 90’s. Gives me everything from honk to kalimba/marimba thing. I’ve had a modern ehx qtron plus I didn’t care for, and a proton filter that just didn’t do it for me.
That said, I’ve played the Beigel micro 3, very Jerry!
I dunno, there’s something about my old EF that just Sits Right in my chain, if that makes sense.
Anyways, if you got the bucks and time to flip some shit, try out as many as you can…then come back and tell us!
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 #171422  by lbpesq
So this thread got me poking around on line and I noticed that used Micro-Tron IIIs on reverb are selling for more than new Micro-Tron IVs! What's the deal? Is this just knee-jerk "it's older so it must be better" thinking? Are good things being whispered about the III or bad things about the IV? Should I cash in my III and get a IV? As Yul Brynner might say: tis a puzzlement.

Bill, tgo
 #171425  by Phrygian
Good points were made here. I agree that fumbling with knobs onstage is a hassle to be avoided. I am not in a band at the moment and likely won't be for a while. My use for now is playing along with recordings and backing tracks, and doing some recording myself. I am an electrical engineer by schooling, and having access to lots of parameters when I want it is appealing.

So, I pushed the button and ordered the Spectrum. I have the True Spring reverb pedal from Source Audio and I love it! It is very close to a Fender 6G15 reverb tank. Plus it has 3 different tremolo effects. If the Spectrum can get as close to the Mu-Tron III as the True Spring is to the Fender reverb, I will be happy. If not, I'll send it back and order the Micro-Tron.

Thanks for all the feedback!
 #171427  by Chocol8
I have tried a bunch of them. The only one I kept is a Micro-tron IV. Trust me, and others here…it is much cheaper to just buy the Micro-trim IV first!!!

There is definitely something different about it that makes it less spikey and smoother, and it just nails the tone. I would say the 3 is just as good unless you really want to play with the swapable modules. People asking high prices on Reverb does not mean they are actually selling for those amounts. Also the Micro-Trons have frequently been out of stock and used prices spike during those periods. There is nothing that makes the 3 worth more than the 4, and the 4 isn’t really much better than a 3. Get whichever one you can.
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 #171428  by Jon S.
Chocol8 wrote: Sat Aug 14, 2021 9:19 amit is much cheaper to just buy the Micro-trim IV first!!!

There is definitely something different about it that makes it less spikey and smoother
This is exactly why I posted,
Jon S. wrote: Wed Aug 11, 2021 10:51 amFor my previous 2 auto-wah/envelope filters, I had to precede each with a compressor to avoid harsh transient spikes. The Micro Tron IV has something built in akin (as it least it functions similarly) to a limiter. It's the smoothest, most user-friendly filter I've used ever, well worth the extra few bucks relative to its competitors.
 #171449  by Phrygian
The Spectrum was delivered yesterday and I had a short session playing with it. I have never used an envelope filter before but I was able to get a smooth sound using the Tron preset with just a little fiddling with the knobs. The pedal seems very responsive to pick attack. I had fun playing Estimated Prophet and Shakedown Street.

I didn't have time to try the octave function yet. From what I have read in the manual, the octave can be up or down, and distortion can be added. I am hoping to dial in a Purple Haze tone.
 #171656  by Cumtax
strumminsix wrote: Thu Aug 12, 2021 6:51 am Depending on how close or musically different you want there are other cool options to consider:

3Leaf Proton - this sounds awesome and strong in the M3 ballpark and wider sweet spot to dial in, IMO

Emma Discumbobulator - my all time favorite. great EF/AW that's works as well for chords as single notes

I have an Emma Discumbobulator but can't find any usable setting to get even close to FotM\EotW. I use a Twin Reverb and a Stratocaster. I'd like to love this thing but I think I'm gonna sell it