#168330  by Lunchbox16
franklins_timmy wrote:I have this & really like it, old school MXR envelope clone. Looks like he is out at the moment, but I bet he'd make one if you reached out. Had an old big box silver Qtron sold it & kept the Newkirk. He sells on Reverb too.
Nice. Thanks. I'm not looking for exact Jerry tone, just the ballpark so this would seem to fit the bill. One of the video clips on the pedal page has a guy playing a bunch of Jerry stuff as an example and it sounds great to me (Stranger, Run for the Roses, Estimated, etc.). I was mainly wondering if anyone had notable bad experiences with this pedal. I may go ahead and grab one. Says there's a 2-3 week lead time right now which is fine by me.
 #168332  by PurpleTrails
No experience with that particular pedal, but Analogman has been building very high quality pedals for a couple of decades now. His King of Tone OD has about a 2-3 year waiting list, and the used versions routinely sell for more than new ones because of that.