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Hello folks,
I have been looking for a new guitar recently. I have been playing a 60s CV Squire for a while, and honestly for the price it wasn’t a bad guitar, played through my current Fender Mustang II.

However it also isn’t my ideal guitar/amp setup, but at the time my budget kept me restrained a good bit. Right now I am looking for a new guitar then I will focus on the amp situation.

Which brings me to my question,
My budget is a bit less restrictive this time around. So I am looking for the last guitar I will ever buy, kind of thing. Something that first of all sounds great, with good quality parts/construction and is nice to the eyes as well.

I have looked at many Jerry “replica/tributes” over the years, and most were so far out of reach financially I just figured it would never happen. However as I started to look for a new guitar recently, I stumbled across what is imho a very nice looking Tribute to Jerry’s Wolf. It’s the one that Eastwood puts out, and in my price range.

I understand it doesn’t look exactly like Jerry’s on the outside, but that’s not really what I am looking for anyhow. Speaking strictly appearance wise I really like it, it’s just similar enough that it’s easily recognizable to any Dead Head. Yet different enough that it’s still my guitar, if that makes any sense (it does in my head and I guess in the end that’s all that matters)

Now that’s out of the way, the more important part, how well are they put together? I know several of you guys got them when they first came out, and I have seen others discussing the different Eastwood guitars they have bought (different forums)

Those of you that have the Wolf version, how do you like it and after how long of playing it? Are the build quality and electronics worth the price?

It really boils down to this,
If like me, you like them visually, are they good playing guitars for the price or should I keep looking elsewhere?

I already talked to Michael, and he can have me one here in aprox. a week if I pull the proverbial trigger. He also said there is a 45 days no questions returns, at no expense to me. Also they do a full pro setup before shipping (though I’m sure some minor custom adjustments will be needed)

Appreciate any feedback on this!
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Seems to me if you have 45 days to check it out and can return it with no financial penalty, it’s a no-brainer. If you want a Jerry Wolf guitar at a relatively budget price, I only know of two options: the Eastwood and the Phred Wolph. So why not give one a try and, if you don’t like it, try the other.

Bill, tgo
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Good point, on giving the Eastwood a try with the great return policy they have. Not sure about the Phred Wolfs though, I haven’t seen many reviews on them.

1500.00 is a nice chunk of change, but if the Eastwood is a quality build, I’d think it’s worth it.

Decisions decisions,.... lol!
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I would jerrify a strat or another well built guitar if you got 1500 budget, the Ibanez st guitars are a good candidate they have a 25 1/2" scale , 24 fret,harmonica bridge ,nice tuners and we'll built ,I played one before and thought it was really nice it had a easy to play neck with nice frets ,I played a Eastwood and it had a flat fretboard with thin frets which made bending notes a chore and not as juicy as a guitar with fatter frets . A couple years ago Ibanez st 200 or st300 were around for 500 to 700 now I don't see too many? They have a nice original case too .they are not a neck through guitar but neither was tiger or jerry's later guitars ,they look like wolf a little and have a killer sustain I think they may have a sustain block under the bridge? Ibanez made quality guitars in the late 70s that were inspired by alembic . If I had a 1500 budget i would go that route add a middle pickup,wald buffer and obel to a Ibanez st
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Personally, I don't hate the Eastwood Wolf by any means, and I considered one myself for a short time. Ultimately though, I believe as nice as they are, they are not worth the money. I ended up going with a small Luthier, Howling Wolf Guitars out of Illinois. Long story short, for $1900 I got a Wolf-inspired, American Hand-Made guitar that has better electronics, components, etc. It also has the woods, pickups, buffer circuit, etc. that I personally chose and got to see the progress of. On top of that, I got a nice travel-ready hard-shell case. When you factor the case, wiring work ( which, from what I've read, will need to be done), component upgrades etc. I think they end up costing around the same.

Also, I like the idea, as suggested, to beef up an old Ibanez MC300 or Strat or something that you can build onto.
I'm not trying to sell you on any specific guitar or builder or anything. But I am saying that if you really think about what you want, and you really look around, you may find something that is more "you" for a Jerry-worthy guitar. And that may make you happier in the long run. I'm certain it did for me.

https://s52.photobucket.com/user/uneek2 ... f%20Guitar
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I think for the amount you would like to spend howling wolf is the winer hands down ! As long as they play as nice as they look. Also it looks like the builder is a dead head . You could also consider putting the money towards a sms pre amp , a nice amp like a tone block ,mosvalve,small Mac ,and a jbl e 120 and a stratoblaster ,if you take your time and search around you can get that together for the same budget and you would be loving the tone. I think you get more for your money that way
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Continued thanks for the input.

I was all set to get a Gibson SG Standard, had one in the cart ready to buy when I get my check tomorrow. Then I stumbled across Eastwood, and immediately fell in love with their Tribute to Wolf.

I’m sure it’s not hard for you guys to understand, it’s kinda hard to not get super excited seeing something I never thought I could afford in the exact price range I was looking for.

Being disabled there aren’t many times when you have the opportunity to get something, that’s usually out of reach, financially speaking.

That aside with any purchase like this, there comes a point (at least for me) where I start overthinking it. I’m quickly starting to reach that point, and in record time, lol!
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Personally I couldn't bond with the Ibanez Musician series. They are quite heavy and have very beefy necks. If you are looking for something to act as a base on which you can build a Wolf-like guitar, and don't mind a rather obscure instrument, check out the old Gretsch BST-5000, sometimes called the "Beast 5000",from the dark years when Baldwin almost ran Gretsch into the ground. It is a neck-thru with a similar shape to Wolf. I can almost gaurantee no one else will have one quite like it!

Bill, tgo

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lbpesq wrote: Thu Jul 30, 2020 4:58 pm Seems to me if you have 45 days to check it out and can return it with no financial penalty, it’s a no-brainer. If you want a Jerry Wolf guitar at a relatively budget price, I only know of two options: the Eastwood and the Phred Wolph. So why not give one a try and, if you don’t like it, try the other.

Bill, tgo
I see a lot of reviews of people loving their Eastwood, different models as well as the one I’m looking at.

Part of me keeps running you comment through my head. If I can’t tell in 45days if I like it or not, I shouldn’t be buying a $1500.00 guitar in the first place. It’s going to get played, and played a LOT. I play strictly for my own enjoyment, playing along with live shows, or just playing on my own.

I looked at the Phred version, it obviously looks closer, but as I said at the start I’m not looking for an exact clone. Just a good playing guitar that brings a smile to my face both at seeing it and playing it.

I’m also not convinced the Phred Wolph is a better setup, even with all the upgrades. Which brings it up closer to the $1900.00 mark. Maybe I’m wrong, or just have tunnel vision towards the Eastwood.
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You seem really set on the Eastwood which is a really cool idea but you can't compare a handmade guitar, and figure in the proper electronics the right pickups, buffer and probably much better pots and hard case and you can have a say in how you want things ,being handmade there should be no flaws getting past the builder. I've been in your shoes and I would be looking at the howling wolf unless something else comes up it seems like a good deal for the 1900$
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Disclaimer: I know nothing of Howling Wolf guitars, never heard of them until this thread, so I ‘m not making any statements, positive or negative about them.

As an amateur builder I find it hard to believe that a company could hand-build a neck-through with top quality wood, top quality finish, top quality hardware, and top quality pickups and active electronics, and bring it all in for $1900, let alone make a profit! I’ll definitely have to check them out.

Bill, tgo
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No the $1900.00 I was referring to was the Phred Wolph with all the upgrades, not Howling Wolf. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I’m also not trying to compare a handmade to another, I think my last post came out wrong, sorry about that.
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I can only go by pictures, but the body contours and woodwork on the Eastwood look so much better than on the Phred. Too bad Eastwood didn't go with a thin quilted maple veneer on the top. It would've taken it up a notch for those looking for a more accurate representation.
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