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I'm a novice keyboard player seeking the sound. I never saw GD live. They first got my attention around 2005. At first I did not like what I heard, but eventually I came to love them. Part of that transition, was appreciating that a core aspect of their approach was to embrace the best tools they had, or could create.

I learned music late in life (mid-20s) and was initially drawn to acoustic guitar and acoustic piano. There is something satisfying about these instruments, end of story. But over time I've started to piece that apart, and realize that these instruments were created by people driving to make things sound better. And that hundreds of years later, I want to be doing the same.

I recently acquired a Kurzweil Forte. I also have a Yamaha CP88 and Korg Kronos. In the past I've had a MOTIF, Nord Stage, Fantom. I also have two Roli units. I still tend toward using stock piano and EP sounds. They're easy and sound about right often.

But I'm trying to reconnect with what Brent and Vince and Bralove were up to - using strings, harpsichord, synths, pads, and a more creative layered approach to take full advantage of what modern keyboards can offer. I'm terrible at it, and wondering if others have had success and be willing to share.

I recently connected with Dave Weiser from the Kurzweil forums who has shared some excellent patches he worked on been extremely generous with technical support. I am eager to learn more. Thanks.
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I had to chuckle, I just turned 70 and "late in life (mid-20s)" sounded... er... "different" :lol:
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