#166799  by mardigrasdeb
 Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:45 pm
Seeking keyboardist for Southside (Beverly/EP area) GD tribute band. Been playing together for about 8 mths. About 30-40 songs in repertoire. Try to practice about 2-4 times/month. We actually have a 88 key Kurzweil keyboard and amp.--we just need a Keith or Brent!
 #166830  by futhr
 Sat Feb 01, 2020 1:41 pm
Hi there,

I am an avid Dead fan and have been since about 1977! I am a seasoned keyboard player, (more like Keith than like Brent!) lead and/or backup vocalist and I truly learned how to sing with Dead music . Tight and challenging harmonies are my specialty and I love arranging, too. I also play guitar (rhythm acoustic mostly). And I write, too.

I'm keen to get back out playing gigs after a too-long hiatus. I know how to play and sing many, many songs in the Dead repertoire and I am heavily influenced by Little Feat keyboardist Bill Payne, Greg Allman, et al.

Jazz is also a big influence and I tend to be very improvisational in style. I get bored very quickly playing someone elses's licks.

I'm ready to go on stage with a brand new 88 key Yamaha MX-88, a brand new Behrlinger 150-watt keyboard amp, a nice Shure vocal mic, and an Ibanez 6-string acoustic electric guitar.

I would ask you not to judge my playing solely by the selections on my home page. It really isn't the best or most recent accurate representation of my advanced skill level. It is outdated and when I created years back it was a quick afterthought. It really doesn't do me justice!

I feel the best way to demonstrate my talents is to play live. Like it was with The Dead! I'd like to join members of the band for a rehearsal if possible and let you see and hear what I have to offer and to find whether there is a good musical connection.

I have a lot of free time ahead or a while so if you are interested, I'd be eager to come play! I think the only minor drawback I may have is that I, by choice, do not own a motor vehicle and have no desire to buy one. I live in East Lakeview and lugging around a heavy keyboard and amp long distances difficult if I have to rehearse in a space where no keyboard lives. However I do have a decent backup smaller Yamaha key board that I'd be comfortable leaving in a safe place at your rehearsal studio. Of course, I have no problem renting a vehicle for paying gigs, if needed. And merely taking CTA or rideshare to rehearsal without the gear is not a problem at all.

Please contact me at (646) 645-8340 or at mojohandler@hotmail.com if you'd like to arrange a time to meet. I look forward to it.


Marc Garber