#171835  by lbpesq
The original is the Alembic Blaster which is still being manufactured by Alembic. If you know you way around a soldering iron, there are a few inexpensive kits available, as well as the schematic and PC boards.

Bill, tgo
 #172042  by Jon S.
Thanks for the tip. I like that Bare Knuckles will sell you a single Strat PUP - bridge, middle, or neck - i.e., you aren't locked into your only option being buying the full set like David Allen forces you to do.

I see from the website the middle PUP has these specs: 5.6 kΩ Magnet: Alnico 3. Personally, I prefer a bit more beef from my middle PUP (6.0K) so I'll stick with the Kent Armstrong I'm using now but if I do in the future make a change will consider a Bare Knuckles Apache.
 #172258  by wleeds
much overlooked, but, I have removed so many after market/boutique pickups over the past 30 years and always come back to the original gold lace sensors that came with the guitar. Its not a popular opinion but when you consider alligator was more about the vibe than the parts, there isn't a lot wrong with stock fender pups
I think you can get really close to the essence of his tone, at least late 71-73, with a stock strat and a fender emp. Dialing in the fender amp is the trickiest part
 #172261  by lbpesq
I wound my own pickups for my Alligator. I used Alnico 3 poles and Heavy Formvar wire like in the PUs Fender was producing in 1954-55. I wound them to 1954 spec (a little under 8000 winds, testing out to a little under 6K). I did replace the "G" pole with a taller, '57 spec one. The "G" pole in the 1954-55 spec was a little shorter as most players were using wound "G" strings at the time. I also shielded the inside of the covers, ran to ground, and didn't ground the strings, again copying Alligator. However, I concur that you should be able to get tones you like from stock Fender pickups.

Bill, tgo