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Hi all,
I've been getting really into Bob's playing these past few months and am looking for how to get that sound from 73-74. Funny enough, my neighbor gifted us his old JC77 which does nail that later 70s Bob tone. I've been playing through a Mexi Strat with single coils that I purchased when I was looking to play mainly Jerry parts. Currently, I'm looking at picking up an Epiphone 335. I'm already well underway on learning all the different inversions. What amp was Bob using in 73-74? Any other tips? Thanks in advance.
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In 73 Bobby played into two rebuilt Twins, one of which powers a pair of Alembic B-12 cabinets, each having two D-120 JBL's in it. He drives his extension speakers with McIntosh 2300 amps.
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I found a great tone in that era from a Vibroverb amp. I think that 15" speaker was nicely voiced for what Bobby accomplished tonally and how he sat in the mix.
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Weir didn't use Twin Reverbs in 1973 or 1974...he used a component based system centered around a Furman Parametric EQ which served as his preamp...

With some variation his rig was as follows...

Furman Parametric Equalizer/Preamp
Orban Sound Reverb
Eventide PS101 Phase
McIntosh 2300
4 Alembic B12's loaded with JBL's

Last known gigs for him with Twin Reverbs are at end of 72'...

In this pic from June of 73' you can see his stage rig:


Here's a good close up of his rig from March of 73'... Dig the vintage strobe tuner on top!


For 1974 it is virtually the same setup but its moved into a taller rack mount. In the summer of 74' a Trident 9066 and an Alembic F2B as well as the Furman are in his rack. Not sure of the signal path for that one.

By 1975 he is back on regular pedestrian amps...Music Man's and Mesa Boogies...

The Trident and Furman Parametric EQ preamps come back into his late 70's early 80's rig. As well as the IVP, etc... He certainly discovered that active EQ and ran with it. Kind of a key to his tone from 73'- on...IMHO
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Dozin wrote: Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:11 pm I got from an article
Yeah...I always see that Twin and 2x12" as well...Weir's rig is in that tall rack right behind them to the left of the drum riser...

That amp and cab are monitor fills for Kreutzmann to hear either Garcia or Weir or Godxhaux...it's sits right behind his head!
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Humbucker pickups 335, SG or the like into a California type amp ,Fender Twin ,Masa boogie MK or SoB, Roland JC (clean clean clean). You do not have to recreate the exact rig Bobby was using to get his tone.
Check out the Weir Grateful channel on youtube.
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Thank you everyone for your input. I play in an early era gd tribute band enjoying ‘68-74 (among others) and play the Bob part. I just purchased a 65 reissue fender twin 2 x 12 85 W with Jensen speakers. Our lead guitar player nearly insisted I get a super reverb, but I like the clean, clean, clean. .. and who’s paying for it anyway, LOL. Any advice with this amps settings (I.e. volume) for his tone with those controls is greatly appreciated. I will dial it in with my ears eventually, just asking for a head start. Thanks!
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