#161249  by pula58
I have a couple of K-120's I want to get reconed. Any suggestion? (please, no hemp suggestions, I don't like that sound).
I had a K120 reconed once with the official JBL E-120 kit. Loved it. So that's the sound I am after. Kapton voice coil, etc.

 #161250  by rugger
No idea if he's the best, or even if he still does it, but Edgewound on TGP is very knowledgeable when it comes to JBL's.

BTW, haven't you been down this road before?

john in san diego
 #161396  by lovetoboogie
+1 for Ken Haerr(Edgewound) at Upland Speaker. There is a bit of a turnaround time but he is simply the best. Makes his own assemblies. Your K120 will actually perform like a K series as opposed to just being reconed with an aftermarket E Series kit.