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 #158392  by Jack fate

I'm new here. Wish I'd found this place earlier.

I'm primarily a Tele player, but have an 80s MIJ 62 RI Strat that I put Seymour Duncan Antiquity IIs into a few years ago. I thought that these were the ultimate non-vintage pickups and just perfect for this guitar. Still do.

But I've been jamming along to some E72 recordings, and sounding - ok...

Anyway, I know many here are high on (amongst other stuff :lol: ) Allen voodoo 69s for Alligator tones. I could probably swing for these, but don't want to.

Key question: Anybody using Duncan Ant II Surfer pu's for strats? Can you get in the Alligator ballpark?

I'm using a bf deluxe reverb in a basement. Has a Weber 12f150 instead of the crucial JBL.

I LOVE what I've got. I don't really want to replace these pickups. But I just want to get closer to that bite that Jerry got.

2nd question: What's the least expensive\best bang for the buck boost\stratoblaster available? Would a Zvex super hard on work ok? I have one, but it's not functioning right now. How necessary is a boost?

Thank you for reading\replying.

 #158395  by Gr8fulCadi
I have those pups in a 99' American Fat Strat I converted to 3 single coils from the HSS configuration. It also has the TPC Wald buffer in it. Absolutely love the woodyness of those pups. They are wound hotter, And some say they don't have that complete vintage vibe, but imo, still sound vintage enough.
I also have a newer special edition American strat, natural, and purchased a loaded pickgaurd with CS 69's. I installed an Alembic Stratoblaster too. Even with this setup, to my ears, still doesnt nail the 72' tone. Jer's Aligator was pieced together to make it what it became. Never tried the Voodoo's tho. Maybe try adding the Alembic Blaster to your axe, will be cheaper than a set of new pickups? Just a thought

All in all, I love the Antiquities sound and my two strats aren't worlds apart from each other. I can cop an early 70's Garcia tone with either strat thru my soon to be maestro modded 74 twin. :smile: Same applies through my SMS/mc250 or Shakedown GD50 super reverb with D120's or Beymas.
 #158396  by Bigfoot Co.
Re the blaster, check out general guitar gadgets. If you can solder, they have a stratoblaster kit for like $40 or so.

The sho should work in more or less in the same capacity. You could send it back to z vex for a fix, or try to find someone local. Probably your cheapest option as there are only like 10 components in the whole pedal! Guessing from here something came loose or bad switch.
 #158478  by Jack fate
Thanks for the replies. I am definitely getting the SHO repaired first. I played some more the other day with a Fulltone Fulldrive set like a clean boost, and felt like that was moving me closer. But I am limited in how much volume I can put out.

I'd still like to hear from anyone who's had experience with both the Antiquity's and Voodoo's. Would this post be more suited for the JerryTone forum? And how can I move it?

Thanks again!