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 #155867  by smd1973
Recently got a Courtenay tie dye for my deluxe reverb RI. I went to install it today and the stock cover did not come off like I thought it would. Has anyone done this with a deluxe reverb RI that can provide some insight? Thanks.

 #155868  by TeeJay
Is the stock cloth glued on real tight? You could get another aftermarket baffle so you would not have to tear into the stock one.
 #155869  by aiq
I have only done a 1x12 cab and that was relatively easy. I have a nice piece that would easily do both my Deluxes but have not, and may not, do the mod.

If I did I would get a new baffle, carefully take the amp apart, install or get an upholsterer to install the tie dye, reassemble amp.

Baffle source: ... ead-Baffle

Damn, now you have me thinking about it again...
 #155874  by gr8fullfred
I did this twin along time ago, like in the mid 90s, I did the tie dye myself it was just a large white tshirt. Of course Barry Sless made it sing! Notice Pete Sears with the Irwin Bass. Life was good that day! FYI this twin had a bad baffle, and has vintage Altec 417? speakers in it. Replaced the baffle and tied dyed it up. This twin is Heavy!