When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #152867  by drkstrcrashes
 Sat Jul 09, 2016 7:15 pm
sorry if this has been discussed. I searched and couldn't find anything. anyways, I was at all 3 Fare The Well shows in Chicago and I noticed at a few different times during the show, there was a HUGE stream of smoke released which came from the sound board area. could have been steam I guess??? I was too far back to get a whiff, but does anyone know what that was? Was it buds? What was the purpose for that? I'm watching the Alpine stream and it looks like they are doing it there too.

Another thing that I was wondering about the sound system in Chicago: I was way back in the balcony and the sound would get super loud, then curt out. Almost like a GIANT spinning Leslie speaker. Seemed like different instruments would go up and down in volume at different times. It sounded super cool. Does anyone have any technical info about this or can verify that the really clean acid I was on the first night did not make me hallucinate this. I know it didn't because I was there all 3 nights and I saw the smoke POURING out from the spot under the little tent. Anyone?