#142108  by gr8fullfred
That amp is for Pedal Steel Guitar playing and would not be good for Jerry 6 string tones.
 #142117  by tcsned
I used an Aviator (I think) at a gig recently and really liked it. It wasn't an idea situation to to a lot of tone tweaking as it was one of those things with a buhzilion people on and off stage all night. It did sound really good.
 #142136  by aiq
Have not tried that one but have played guitar thru a Webb. With the single 15 they have a big bottom.

I guess to handle the low strings on the pedal steel.

I came away preferring the 2 x12 or 2 x 10 set up.
 #142144  by barefootdave
I played one of the other Quilters recently and really liked it. My guitar tech just became a dealer and he has a Steelaire over there that he loves. I may give it a spin and get back to you.