#130500  by flyingheelhook
Hey now,

I would like to be able to record my projects through the soundboard. Primarily for listening and learning but also for sharing if it captures a good moment or two. Since I do not always have control over the soundboard and will normally be playing the whole time, it needs to be something that I can basically plug in and not have to monitor (or ask the sound guy to monitor) too much.

If there is any thing solid state (like a hard drive) that would avoid having to transform that would be great.

Looking for something affordable and of good quality. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance! :cool:
 #130504  by ccw3432
One method you could use is just get a small battery powered stereo digital recorder. Make sure it has a line level input. Many of the ones that have built in mics also have a line input. I would get lots of connectors/adapters to be able to hook it into the output options that the soundman gives you. Obviously you need to be playing at venues where all the intsruments are run through the soundboard.

Unless your band plays really quiet on stage chances are that the stereo mix coming out of the soundboard will be vocal heavy. If you have a real loud guitarist he may not even be going through the mains at all depending on the venue size and how load he's playing. Another option is to get a multitrack recorder and capture each instrument at the multiple direct output jacks on the mixer. This would require a little more setup but once it is set up it should be good to go. This assumes the soundman isn't using those outputs for something else. If you play at a regular venue you could check ahead of time if that would work. I haven't tried one of these yet buy it's what I'm looking to get to capture live music. You can then take the tracks and mix them down in protools.

 #130513  by jlg327
For battery-powered recorders, I have this one, and it's great. I generally use external mics and a preamp; however, I have recorded a jazz quartet using the internals and have also run straight from the soundboard with adapters (took a feed from the board using XLR->RCA barrel adapters, connected to an RCA->mini Y cable, which then went into the line-in port of the M10).

http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/6 ... order.html

You might want to check out the various threads over at http://www.taperssection.com - tons of gear knowledge there.
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If you own a laptop then you might consider getting a USB DA/AD converter and a free software program.
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I am assuming you have asked the sound man ?
I have gotten lucky that way a few times .....
I have a Zoom H2 ( I think ; its been a few years ) and want to experiment with hooking it up to our PA when do our own sound ....
Good luck
 #130546  by Cmnaround
Tascam DR-40 is a nice unit for under $200. It works great for live room sound with built in mics as well as direct record. If you are micing everything including the drums and pushing everything through the mains - then tapping the board out direct would work just great. However unless its a huge gig, most are playing through a hybrid of vocals, keys, bass and some guitar or drums through the PA with the rest blended from the amps and drums. If your mixer has aux sends you can still mic or direct line everything and then send that full mix through the aux out direct to your digital recorder - while only sending the vocals, keys, bass and whatever through the mains at the right mix for the room - which is different than you want on tape.

Easiest solution is to get a DR-40 and put it on a mic stand and just record the live sound in the room - it sounds great - and if you want an awesome soundboard recording book a weekend in a studio for like $20 an hour and that will also sound most excellent.