Musical Theory Abound!!!
 #106123  by MichaelCarolina
 Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:20 am
Seth's explanations and illustrations of the importance of phrasing and how the melody is drawn out of the scales and arpeggios built around the chord shapes have helped me begin understanding how to create more artistic and tasteful solos.

Have not seen all of the lessons, but would love some focus on examples of playing "with and against" the established melody. Also, there is some introduction of the concept of creating and building tension harmonically and rhythmically and then the payoff of the release, but would like to see more amplification and examples of this concept.

Maybe I should forget accounting and get into marketing. I feel like a shill, but have been excited and inspired by these lessons. Thanks to Seth.
 #106166  by mijknahs
 Fri Dec 09, 2011 10:14 pm
I've only seen the samples on YouTube but I thought they were very tasty.
 #106387  by oconnors_35
 Tue Dec 13, 2011 2:51 pm
I have bought quite a few of his videos too..... his Bob ones are great, his Jerry ones are good but move a little too fast for me, he should really stop once in a while and do a recap
of ..... "ok, he's what we have so far"
It would most likely make the length of his videos a little longer but would save from having to rewind the video over and over again.
I also cut the solo from one of the videos and saved it as an mp3 so I can use Amazing Slow Downer on it.

just my 2 cents
 #108052  by Jimaroe
 Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:12 pm
I too, can vouch for Seth and his guitar instruction. As a "newer" player (read less than 3 years) but a long time GD listener, Seth's lessons are fantastic. I would encourage anybody and everybody to check his playing instructions out. Not only are they well thought out and easy to follow, but the limited interaction I've had with Seth leaves me to believe he is just a real cool guy. I'm Glad to patronize "one of us."
 #108119  by Seth Fleishman
 Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:20 am
Hey Now,

Thanks for the feedback and discussion.

Since receiving feedback about the pace of the JG solo lessons, I have allowed for larger video files, allowing me to slow down, recap along the way, and spend more time on the walkthrough section. I've done the same thing with the Bobby lessons, though most of the feedback on this came regarding the JG solo lessons.

But I've decided to take it a step further. I'm going to add a slowed down demo of each solo to the lessons. All existing JG lessons will be updated with a new slow-jam demonstration, making it easier for you to learn the licks. I'm also going to include a slow-jam mp3 track of me playing the solo at slow speed, as an added practice tool. Everyone who has purchased a JG lesson will receive a download link to the newly upgraded version as soon as they are ready.

So there will be a regular speed demonstration, a slow-jam demonstration, then the walkthrough (with recaps), a regular speed jamtrack, a slow-jam practice track, and a complete tab. I'm hoping this improves the overall effectiveness of the video lessons.

Anyone who has already purchased a JG lesson will get the new, upgraded version as soon as it's available. I'm hoping to get all this rolling in February.

So thanks again for the feedback,
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 #108132  by Seth Fleishman
 Fri Jan 20, 2012 3:03 pm
1 - Crap. I thought I was getting pretty good at Jerry, both technically and theory-wise. Watching and listening to Seth is a slap in the face on how far I still have to go!
To ImJerryToo-- I loved your post. Thanks for writing that. In a way, it's a big part of my "mission" to get that reaction. It's part of what made me want to post a video somewhere in the first place. I guess I thought he might still be undersold as a guitarist, that he's still being sold short. That you had to stop and look real close at it to fully appreciate it. Like visiting a cathedral.

My thinking was that when you really take a close look at some fine examples of Jerry's playing, line by line, with a fine-toothed comb, you find out that the ONLY way to truly sound like Jerry, or just to play at that level, is to be able to play to that level of detail---the notes you play and how and why you play them. You need that level of knowledge and practice executing it. You have to play certain notes at certain times, with intent. And you have to be able to improvise that process.

When you look really closely at his solos, they're deep, they're full of small details, and they're fundamentally sound. And that's when you go....oh crap! I thought I was getting pretty good."

As you go on to say, "But its good! All part of the journey." I believe that too. And I feel ya. The truth is the same for everyone--the more you learn, the less you know. :P

 #108832  by ImJerryToo
 Thu Feb 02, 2012 9:07 am
Man, the other day I typed a long reply here, and when I hit 'submit' my login had timed out and the whole thing vanished. Rrrrrr. So I'm gonna keep it shorter this time!

Seth, I totally here what you're saying. And I think you'll appreciate this line that came into my head a couple weeks ago:

"The closer I get to Jerry, the farther away he is."


I also commented that I don't understand the "Take it slower" clamoring, when you're talking about a digital video that not only can be watched over and over, but can be slowed down with a couple of clicks! I appreciate that it's a difficult task to produce a lesson that'll work across a wide range of abilities -- it's not like the student is sitting in front of you and you can tailor to him/her -- and I thought your vids strike a good balance. But I also realize that these comments of mine really don't matter; when you are selling a product I guess you have to give the people what they want!

oconnors_35 wrote: I also cut the solo from one of the videos and saved it as an mp3 so I can use Amazing Slow Downer on it.
It doesn't have to be that complicated... just get the KMPlayer. (How can anyone live without the KMPlayer?? :) ).

[The following is an unpaid endorsement... I am in no way affiliated with KMPlayer, its marketing, or legal department] [/disclaimer]

It's free (like, utterly free -- no ads, no malware, no nags to upgrade to a paid version), and until very recently it has also been extremely lightweight (more on this below). It plays any audio I've ever thrown at it, and any video except FLV.

- You want to slow it down? SHIFT+NUMBERPAD MINUS, slows 5% each press. Video and audio stay synced. Can get down to 50-60% before the audio gets too murky to be useful.

- A/B repeat? F5 = set A, F6 = set B.

And there are tons of other features and crazy in-depth video options that are way beyond anything I'll ever need.

Now about that 'lightweight' status... I recently put the newest version (called KMPlayer+) on a laptop, and find there is now some bloat attached. The initial start screen has icon-like ads, the required 'like us on Facebook link', and so forth, and recently the player prompted me about an update. There are a couple of new features, but still, next time I need to download I'm going to look for the older one. On this machine I have, and it is great. If you want that and can't find the download, I probably still have the install exe.

So much for keeping it short!

 #114380  by Jimaroe
 Sun May 27, 2012 10:37 am
Anybody checked out Seth's ( latest lesson I Know You Rider acoustic? I picked it up on Friday and it is awesome. It's a 30 minute lesson that covers strumming, some Bobby voicing and like 7 pages of tab. I have 8 or 9 of his lessons. They are all great, but this one might be my favorite. No affiliation to Seth, just thought somebody else on here might be interested. :cool:
 #114816  by calbucks09
 Sat Jun 09, 2012 2:15 pm

Wanted to chime in. Seth is awesome and his lessons are worth FAR more than he is charging. I hope anyone even thinking of trying them does so. Its rare that someone will take that kind of effort and spend hundreds of hours dissecting tunes and laying it all out there for you, then on top of it explaining the subtlelties and makes certain passages interesting in terms of the music theory, and unique approach taken by Jerry, Bob etc.

Not only is Seth busting his ass getting these out for us, but he is genuinely nice and generous! I just downloaded his newest one on 'Music Never Stopped' its real interesting... had no idea how much unique stuff is going on in that tune. really makes me think I underappreciated bob and what he brought to the table.

bottom line, Seth is a huge asset to anyone learning to play or play dead tunes. Support the guy! he's only asking $9 for a lesson. thats insanely cheap. I took a lesson from a guy locally, charged me $75 adn I didn't learn 1/5 of what I've learned from Seth in a $9 lesson. I have d/l about 5 so far, and plan to buy all of them.

Thanks Seth!
 #117996  by mgbills
 Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:38 am
Another +1 for Seth! I have 5 or 6 of his lessons. I'll be getting more as time permits.

I like to build my playing with skill sets, because I'll never be a memorization guy. I work my self senseless to get it into my fingers, ears, eyes, & feet, and in about 4-6 months...they burble out in my improvisations.

I have also worked a little bit with Pete B., and hope to do more in the fall. He has a huge book of Jerry-isms, and is a very talented player. He showed me some excellent pedal-steel type bends for the guitar that I'm working into my playing. If you know how to find Pete (and he's willing), you could learn a whole lot about what you don't know about the geetar! Oh, and he's got some great vids on YouTube under the moniker of SteelYerFace.

 #119244  by barefootdave
 Sun Sep 30, 2012 4:00 am
Another +1 for Seth.

Since reading the reviews of his lessons here, I have downloaded several from his site. They are more than worth the money. I started with Deal, then got Franklins and Sugaree. This morning I got the Bob lesson on Music Never Stopped.

He puts a lot of time and effort into these, I am happy to support him in his great work.

Thanks Seth!
 #119249  by Jimaroe
 Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:36 am
I think I'm going to win the prize for posts on this thread. I'm not affiliated with GGL or Seth, just an average to below average Jerry wanna be, with less playing experience than quite a few on here. Anyways, I've recently embarked on a finger picking kick: bought Seth's Althea, lesson and was hooked. Next I picked PeggyO. I couldn't put my guitar down. On Friday I bought the Playin in the Band Jerry lesson. If you have ANY inclination to learn/improve your finger picking look here. Newer players, like myself, I'd go with PeggyO or Althea first, either of these will dramatically improve your technique. The Playin lesson is fantastic, too.
 #119256  by WildEye
 Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:19 am
+1 as well, I have downloaded a couple (betha solo and sugaree) and they are great and a steal - you get everything (even more) than you would get from a regular sit down lesson - but I find his much easier to work into my life (I can do it in chunks and go as quick or slow as I need). Keep 'em coming - and thanks Seth!
 #126267  by lunasparks
 Sat Mar 30, 2013 5:50 am
Good lord! I just downloaded the Jerry Eyes stuff ($10 for rhythm and $25 for the multi-part lead package). I can't believe the work that Seth has done here. Awesome. It's like the skeleton key to the song...I don't know where to start. :smile: Again, no affiliation with his business, but just thought everyone should know that these Eyes lessons are amazing, probably the best yet!