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 #89719  by tcsned
Man, that makes me sick to think about. All I can say is to be proactive and not wait for the police to solve this crime. Don't assume that they will lift a finger to help you out. That's gonna be a hard guitar to sell and it should raise flags if someone tries.

Best of luck and my thoughts are with you.
 #89730  by Grateful Dad
tcsned wrote:Man, that makes me sick to think about. All I can say is to be proactive and not wait for the police to solve this crime. Don't assume that they will lift a finger to help you out. That's gonna be a hard guitar to sell and it should raise flags if someone tries.

Best of luck and my thoughts are with you.
Well said tcsned.

Everyone that reads this thread should post a comment to keep it up at the top of the list and keep the word spread to be on the lookout for this gem.

Keep the faith, you will get your guitar back and justice will be served (if not by the authorities then by an angry mob of rukinders with pitchforks)

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 #89733  by tigerstrat
We should pool our used guitar strings to braid a cat o' nine tails for that S.O.B....
 #89735  by Utah Joe
For what it's worth I lost a 1973 strat when my house was broken into in Portland, OR back in the mid-1980's. Two years later I moved to a different part of the city and on a whim decided to check out a local music store while out on a walk one day. Imagine my surprise when I saw my guitar hanging in the wall. Luckily I had previously replaced the bridge pickup with an SDS-1 so I recognized it immediately. I acted like I wanted to buy it and had the store place it on hold, then went outside and flagged down a cop. He found the incident report and I got the guitar back that day without paying a cent. So have heart: your guitar may come back to you when you least expect it.
 #89736  by Bear62
Hey John! So sad to hear about the loss o your gear! The 1st guitar I ever bought was a sunburst 73 Les Paul Deluxe from Gary Gand in 78-79. 3 wks later they called me to say it was a stolen guitar and at 16 yrs. old I never even thought twice about it and returned the guitar ASAP. May the 4 winds bring your Wolf swiftly and safely home. Call me if you need anything, Gregg
 #89738  by JonnyBoy
Rusty the Scoob wrote:One good Low B off of my bass, Luka Brasi style.
too nice, I think a long grueling punishment is in order here,,, :mad: I have a good feeling about this for you, That guitar will surface and the only ones that would probably buy it are your friends here so it will find its way home sooner or later...sorry man.
 #89761  by drkstrcrashes
WOW! Thanks everyone for all the replies. You all have made me feel better with your replies. The update is: I was at the police department yesterday for two hours. The "E.T." ("something" Technition. The guy who examines the vehicle) did find evidence of a slim jim being used. The theft happened between 9:00 and 11:15 p.m. This cop tells me that he used to play in a band that opened for bands like the Dead, Janis and others when they played at Northwestern U here in Evanston. He knew the guitar instantly and we had a short chat bout his relations with Garcia.. anyways, I have all the local guitar stores covered. They have 5x7" photos. The police said that they check the pawn shops weekly.
The more I ponder the circumstances, I figure it HAD to be someone on our block- I live in a block of condo buildings right near the Northwestern football stadium. I am seen regularly bringing amps and guitar cases to and from my vehicle. I try to NEVER EVER leave stuff in my car. I bring it right in when I get home. I just had had a long day and forgot for that short period of time. The Twin reverb is an 80 pound amp and was in the back/hatch-back (1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee), so it had to have been a strong person to lift that amp.
about the guitar, yes, they will surely have a hard time selling it. Sticks out just a little, so that's my only hope. The cop said that folks are actually "that dumb" to try and sell it to a store or pawn shop and considering my name is on a brass plate on back of headstock, who knows. But I'm not going to count on it. But I do know most of the owners of all the stores, so everyone's ear is to the ground.
I just can't imagine who would want a stolen guitar of such a special magnetude. If someone offered me a stolen Wolf replica, I would try to get it and the person to the police if there was any way possible. Considering how Deadheads are one big family- whether you get along with your brother or not, you wouldn't steal from him- hopefully someone is going to recognize it and the right thing will happen. Like I say, I am not counting on it. My friend Steve who now owns Flynn Guitars even predicted that the thief won't be able to sell it and he will get frustrated and eventually put it out there on Craig's List. I can only hope.
Though the '69 Twin was not worth near as much, it was such a special amp. It is cleaner than a brand new amp you would buy today from Fender. Had all it's original RCA tubes, just had the electrolytics changed and was the very best sounding clean amp out of ALL of my collection. My best friend was going over it with a flashlight and had come to the conclusion that it was the best sounding amp he had ever heard. I have to agree.
The whole thing is just depressing. (I've been physically sick to my stomach and am not ashamed to admit that I have cried out loud) I DO have insurance for it, but any new guitar that Matt builds me will not be Moriarty Wolf #5. And the amp? Can't replace it.
No one was hurt. it wasn't a pre-CBS strat and a 61 white tolex/oxblood Twin, but it hurts just as bad. So, that's the update.
Mostly I wanted to say thank you to all of you who posted kind words. It is very much appreciated. Thanks, and if these pieces somehow find there way bck to me, I have a $1,000 reward offered with no questions asked. Thanks again
 #89771  by phpbb
I've noticed that Google has indexed this topic, so if someone searches on "Moriarty Wolf" or the serial number "Ruklick 05", this topic will be on the front page of google.
 #89779  by paulinnc
I'm glad to know that you have insurance for that stuff. I know money can't replace sentimental value but at least you go that end covered. I'm sure it will turn up, just hang in there. It is good that the cop you were talking to knew the guitar and is a fellow player. I would ask around your neighborhood and see if anyone saw or heard anything. Like you said, I bet the stuff is close by due to the 80-110lb amp would be hard to run with.
 #89780  by strumminsix
Quick thought, look for the amp. It'd be easier to sell and that would lead you to the guitar.

Hope that helps.
 #89783  by tigerstrat
They might try to unload the guitar for VERY cheap, even a few hundred dollars. They probably have absolutely no idea what they have there.

Look at nearby cities in the region too, like Indy, St Louis, Milwaukee, college towns, etc. When my stuff was stolen on 2005 I was envisioning a fencing ring that ran stuff up to Seatlle or down to SF. The Strat popped up locally on craigslist 5 months later and PeteB. spotted it before I did!
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