#8431  by wisedyes
Wow, very nicely done. Who is that guy? Mucho props to you!

 #8433  by Billbbill
Very, very cool. I want to finger pick like that when I grow up!

 #8434  by ebick
Amen. He nailed it.

 #8439  by phpbb
I added a link to the youtube video under Guitar Instruction.

 #8442  by jck_strw
Can someone tab that out for me? By this afternoon if possible. ;)

That guitar has a wonderful sound. Martin?

He has a bunch more (non-Dead stuff):


I feel kinda ridiculous playing the guitar after watching him.

 #8444  by phreaker
jck_strw wrote:I feel kinda ridiculous playing the guitar after watching him.
It's like listening to the radio after a good concert. Like, what's the point?

 #8445  by Crazy 9.5 Fingers
Wow, he mowed that down. Thought it was Keith Olbermann for a second.

 #8447  by shakedown_04092
Wow, that just made me feel like such a rookie...

Great stuff. I was thinking the Keith Olberman reference the whole time as well...too funny.

 #8449  by Billbbill
Check out his version of (The) Clap, for any Steve Howe fans out there. Yikes!


Hey Gregg, please wait about a week before you post my latest junk!


 #8451  by hesgone95
Wow...that gave me goosebumps. Beautiful.

 #8461  by ded1hed
while we're on favorite youtubes, i dont think ive seen this one on this board before, dude plays slide amazingly well with a spoon in his mouth:


 #8462  by ded1hed
alright guys somebody decipher those chords that the spoon guy is playing and we'll be in business. ive got the slide part(with my fingers)just about note for note.

thats infectious as hell to me for some reason.

you guys with the golden ears step forward and help me out.

ok sorry to hijack this post , but i think i may have got it.

tell me if you hear anymore chords in there than
a, d , e, a7, d7