#1191  by ElCondor
G-D-C I use for the end of So Many Roads, but G-D-Am for Knockin' on Heaven's Door. :-)

 #1621  by strumminsix
[quote="ElCondor"]G-D-C I use for the end of So Many Roads, but G-D-Am for Knockin' on Heaven's Door. :-)[/quote]

No it's not.

Knockin' should be played like this
Line 1 = G D C
Line 2 = G D Am
Line 3 = G D Am7
Line 4 = G D C

 #1634  by jhc
It's just G-D-C if you're doing the Guns n Roses version ;)
 #1636  by Billbbill
While I believe Dylans version rotates C and Am, if my ear serves me right the dead pretty much always end on the Am. Maintains that somber mood throughout.

 #8220  by bodiddley
It's cool that somebody brought up this combo because I remember thinking at the last show on 7-9-95 that the outro of SMR was sounding a lot like "Heaven's Door" and was hoping Jer would start singing it. In retrospect that would have been mind blowingly prophetic.

 #8231  by st stephen
dylan rotates it C and the Am

I like just using the Am, gives it more of a sad feeling!!

 #8269  by HawaiianDedhed
Okay, I have the solution!

Try G-D-Am-C. AM-C in place of the Am or C you folks were talking about.

You can also play that descending bass line from the C to the G at the end -- you know G-n-R style

 #8279  by tigerstrat
That's why I never quite got into SMR: wayyyy too much like KoHD, and I'd be yawning in the 1st set. I know I know everyone loves it. Ask me about Lazy River Road, that one is a gem AFAIC.

Knockin content: the JGB version is up a whole step, and I much prefer its two alternating/contrasting feels to the monochromatic dirge as done by the Dead.

 #8284  by Trystine
I agree. The Knockin' included on the After Midnight's third disc is much more elusive than any version I've heard done by the Dead.

Back to SMR; has anybody heard Keller Williams' interpretation of it? I go back and forth on Keller but this is one that I can listen to any where any time.