#69125  by seamones
Rusty the Scoob wrote:There you go again - you type half a novel twice and then say it's not the proper forum to have a discussion.

I don't do pissing matches and even if did I don't want one with you - I just wanted to add some balance into this public thread since it was started because of my personal screw-up in the first place. :lol:

As for the Skellig - why? I barely care if we get back in there and it's a mile and half from my house. :lol: That place is an echo chamber that's miserable to play bass in and their core crowd wants to hear Journey covers. I only booked it in the first place because I go there fairly often as a patron.
Whatever becomes of this, I ask of you all one thing and one thing alone, just please, please:


 #69127  by Harvestwind
Start a Dead band, man! It's by far the most fun thing you'll ever do. We bump into each other here and there in Boston but nobody is hurting for work, and it is unbelievably fun! I can only imagine what a blast it'd be to play for Aussie hippies.
Thinking seriously about it in the second half of next year. Just a question of finding competent like minded souls who are into it.
 #69136  by jerrys.kids
we've been waiting almost ten years for another good dead band to crop up since slipknot slowed it down in wootown. now this bickering between bands? what the hell man. there is more than enough room around here for both of you guys. i agree that this is not the forum for bands to be complaining about booking gigs. btw there are more than two bars here in wootown. pound the pavement, promote your band, practice your ass off, dip the wristbands in lsd, and i assure you that people will show up.
 #69918  by LazyLightnin
I don't have time to read this whole thread but are you saying that you cant find gigs as a dead cover act? maybe it is location being in boston and everything, but im in Cleveland and im being offered more gigs than my dead band can handle, decent paying $250-400 bar/club gigs as well as private. Im being asked back by all the clubs and same folks are showing up to my gigs as though theyve been starving for some live dead forever. people are asking me to play weddings, clambakes(which have paid the best) and birthdays parties.

dude come to cleveland, we can start a band!
 #70077  by jeffm725
so............I was just given my january schedule and< bwahahahahahaha> do I have this right?! One of the bands I am in is playing the same room in Worcester being talked about in this thread in the same 3 week stretch!
maaaan, they must love them some dead coverbands up in Wootown!

You cant make this shit up! When I saw the listing on my schedule, something rang a faint bell in my head and sure enough I dig up this thread.


January 23
Shakedown Street (sic) with Fennario
January 23, 2010 at 9pm to January 24, 2010 at 2am – Tammany Hall

January 29
Playin' Dead - New England's Premier Grateful Dead Tribute
January 29, 2010 from 8pm to 11:45pm – Tammany Hall

February 6
Fennario - New England's tribute to the Grateful Dead
February 6, 2010 at 8pm to February 7, 2010 at 2am – Tammany Hall

.............Yet another listing as Shakedown Street <sigh> ....we are just Shakedown...no "Street", that moniker is reserved for our Colorado brethren.
Here is a totally useless trivia tidbit......2 current members of Colorados Shakedown Street were members of Connecticuts Shakedown at one time. Small world always getting smaller...........
More useless trivia: Other past Shakedown players are now (or were) members of:
The Breakfast
Max Creek
Miracle Orchestra
Melvin Sparks