#14650  by chuckpolzin
what is your favorite live version of this song, or like top 3?


 #14651  by tigerstrat

 #14659  by tigerstrat
the breakout 6/17/75, is an obvious one- w/ Merl Saunders sit,ting in on B-3.

another honorable mention: 4/19/86 Berkeley Community Theater, set II opener.

 #14663  by bodiddley
I think the '75 and '76 versions are the finest...more reggea like. Smooth as silk.
 #68601  by enardi
My personal favorite is from 1975-06-17 at winterland the peggy o from that show is also fantastic one of the best
 #68603  by frankielee
I enjoy 6/3/76 as well...however I think the best version was created in the studio
 #68605  by tigerstrat
I'll throw another Brent version in the mix: 4/3/90 Atlanta