#55458  by China Cat
might be lower level. i just got spectrum tickets too, except mine are section 417. basically worst seats in the house. i had middle level seats lined up but the transaction expired. really sucks.
 #55462  by tigerstrat
one chart shows 109 on mezzanine level, stage-right; the other shows the 100's all on the floor and ending at 108
 #55465  by ronster
The dead realized they could make more money by making up section numbers. Not to worry though, you can always hang out with the twirllers.
 #55521  by ebick
Ender wrote:I just got two tickets for section 109 at the spectrum on the floor, but the seating chart has no section 109 whats the deal?
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 #55522  by Emoto
Similar thing happened to me when I bought tix to Lesh & Friends at the tent on the water in Boston. I resolved the issue by calling the venue and asking about it. In my case, they had re-done their seating arrangement for the new year, but had not yet posted updated diagrams anywhere. I would call them up and ask about it. They will be able to describe the location even if they don't have a new diagram.