#37483  by bucketorain
BlobWeird wrote:
bucketorain wrote:In regards to your signing, well, Jerry didn't get really good till 89', IMHO, so, maybe we all have a few years to improve....I still think you do a good job on the vocals....it's funny some songs i think i sound good on and some I just butcher but as my wife says i should stick to guitar only.
You're serious? Jerry's singing was best in like 77-80 JGB. But also listen to some old Comes A Times or China Doll or maybe Tomorrow is Forever from Dead Movie and tell me Jerry's singing wasnt good then.
sometimes i'm serious...
 #40357  by jjbankhead
Billbbill wrote:
I've been wanting to give this a go for a while - complete w/ the usual occasionally pitchy vocals and tempo issues - (tempo - see solo) :-)

ftr here are the positions I'm doing over the G-C part



I may not be naming the shapes properly - but if you know me, you probably already know that.

Scale wise I play the notes for G ionian mostly although mixolydian sometimes - I like experimenting with that subtle difference - then the corresponding modes for G ionian for C, D and Am.
thanks for posting this bill, this is one ofmy fave dead tunes but i have been reluctant to lear it, seems its the dead tune every body knows..

but now i need to learn it to plyt with a friend.

the thing i am hung up on is your picking in the beginning of the song, not the little lick you start off with but when you are in the G bar chord you use some alt. picking that i am struggling with.

is this the "jerry lick" from the tab???? i cant ,make that out

 #40366  by Billbbill
Hey jj,

Are you talking about right after the


intro lick?

If so I'm doing this

The main line at the top (descending line) starts with


then pick or strum the G barre for the e and B strings on the 3rd fret.


A double strum seems to be what I'm up to at the very beginning







While picking the e and B strings move the ring and middle fingers to the 2nd chord position or however you'd do it.



and hit the 4 on the D string (F#) and then pick the high strings again before m0ving to the next chord position.

So something like this


Is this what you're after...I hope :lol:

 #40725  by jjbankhead
yeah thats pretty much what i was trying to figure put, thanks man!

 #41593  by d-v-s
hey bill,
i don't get to use youtube too much, so I just saw this video today for the first time. Many thanks for taking the time to post it! This was one of the first songs I learned on the guitar (just basic chords), and I've been meaning to learn the slower version of it. This video is a huge help to me. a special thanks for posting that D-riff between the verses.

Cheers! :smile:

ps - just watched your mission in the rain video, as well. rather than post another kudos there, thought I just add a note here. Great solo on that one. i really enjoy your videos.

 #41631  by Billbbill
Thanks d-v-s

I'm glad you're finding it helpful and that you like the vids.

All dead related stuff you see on you tube (which at this point is everything except the xmas tune) is also here, either in the forum for the particular song or the video instruction area.

Yea, once they get off the most recent posts page they kinda fall off into a black hole!

You say you don't use youtube much but you can (if you're so inclined 8) ) check the vids listed there and then check 'em out here.


It must be pretty interesting to live in Turkey!