#37167  by Long Distance Runner
Top 5 bands you want to see live that still make music that you haven't seen yet and then top 5 that don't make music or play out anymore.
1. North Mississippi Allstars
2. Leftover Salmon
3. Medeski Martin & Wood
4. Ben Harper
5. Keller Williams

1. Grateful Dead
2. The Beatles
3. Phish
4. Led Zeppelin
5. Pink Floyd/Jimi Hendrix/Bob Marley/The Doors/SCI/Sublime/The Band....

 #37173  by weirimpressed
2.MMSW (langerado mon)
3.Aquarium Rescue Unit
4. STS9
5. Hot Tuna

1. Grateful Dead
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Phish
5. Pink Floyd/The Band/Allman Bros with Dickie

 #37174  by steve
1. Tom Waits
2. Hot Tuna
3. Goran Bregovic
4. No Smoking Orchestra
5. Nick Cave could be a good show

1. Grateful Dead
2. The Band
3. Hendrix/Floyd
4. Beatles/Zeppelin
5. Django

 #37176  by Pigpen
1.Jackie-O Motherfucker
2.The Red Krayola
3.Hamza Shakkar(Not positive hes still playing or alive :S)
4.Television(Played a show last summer so my hopes are up!)
5. 16 Horsepower

1. Grateful Dead
2. Camper Can Beethoven
3. Sun City Girls
4. Captain Beefheart
5. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
6. Holy Modal Rounders

 #37178  by Chuckles
1. Zep - I put them here after the news that Pagey said they just might do it!
2. ABB
3. Floyd (yeah, even w/o Waters; I'll take Gilmore & Co.)
4. Steely Dan
5. John MacLaughlin

1. Beatles
2. Miles
3. The Band
4. Marley
5. Uncle Tupelo

 #37179  by ventura85
1. Del McCorey band
2. Michael Franti
3. Tragically hip
4. Don Rickles
5. Tool

Of Course the Dead but how about these

1. Stevie Ray Vaughn
2. Miles Davis
3. Ronnie Van Zant
4. Marty Robbins
5. and I think I would have liked to see Janis once backed by Big Brother

 #37210  by Billbbill
Now I know this thread requires some thought but it is somewhat misplaced in the thinktank. Probably an "everything else" post.

Not a big deal - thought I'd mention it.

 #37228  by weirimpressed
these things are true, but what would you choose?

 #37232  by st stephen
1.Rolling Stones
2.Phil lesh and friends

3.Bob Marley and the Wailers
4.Frank Zappa

 #37235  by bucketorain
1. Jack Johnson
2. Rolling Stones
3. Tom Petty
4. Eric Clapton
5. Robert Cray

1. JGB
2. GD
3. Doors
4. Cream
5. Hendrix

 #37239  by bobbybobbob
I wish I could have heard Nick Drake perform in person. He rarely did it, and from what I've read, it was quite a performance when he did. He would sing his songs with so much emotion that by the time he was finished he would be on the verge of a breakdown.

That's why he rarely played live.

No video footage exists of the man.

 #37248  by weirimpressed
bucketofrain: jack johnson,really? my buddies, each of which were "highly" experienced in the art of :D , fell asleep at the concert and said it was the slowest concert they had ever seen.

 #37251  by bobbybobbob
weirimpressed wrote:bucketofrain: jack johnson,really? my buddies, each of which were "highly" experienced in the art of :D , fell asleep at the concert and said it was the slowest concert they had ever seen.
I have a lot of respect for the Jack Johnson and his art. I enjoy the easy-nature of his music.


It was the WORST concert I have ever been to. You could tell he did not want to be there, and was only going through the motions. He complained about a lot of stuff-- missing home (understandable), and rambled on about the big TV projector. He apperantley really hates them. His voice and playing sounds different from his records-- less inspired.

And the crowd he draws.... Don't get me started. Of the 10,000+ people at the show I bet only 1000 were paying attention to the music. Imagine the cast of "Highschool Musical" playing with their cellphones and gossiping-- and thats the crowd.

I almost fell asleep.

Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) opened from him. I really enjoyed their set and would have preferred to hear them the whole time. Unique mixture of pop/folk/light-hearted jazz.

When I got back to my car me and my friend played some dead '77 to shake off the weirdness. We never mentioned the incident again.

In conclusion-- I would rather watch a local bar band stumble through "Louie Louie" then go to another JJ concert. --but I will keep listening to his albums!

 #37253  by China Cat
1. Umphrey's McGee
2. Sound Tribe Sector 9
3. The Disco Biscuits
4. Daft Punk
5. Tea Leaf Green
others would be Galactic, YMSB, MMW, Primus, Ratdog, PL&F

1. Grateful Dead
2. Phish
3. Allman Bros 1969
4. SCI
5. Bob Marley & the Wailers
others would be Sublime, Cream, Hendrix, Zappa