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strumminsix wrote:My bad. Figured the TWIN in TRRI meant twin speakers.

I have heard the custom 1x15 from a dude that does SRV.

He got great tone from it and sounded like a richer Vibroverb.

I'd imagine you'll get some clipping from the speaker but I can't say for sure and couldn't find specs on line.
I think "Twin" does refer to the speakers (as opposed to the input channels), but that that's why the 1x15 version is called "Custom". Also I'm pretty sure the "Dual" in Dual Showman refers to the 2x15 cabinet with which they were originally sold.

Stu's TR-C15 can sound very clean, not clipped at all, unless he engages the BD-2.

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[Stu Ross of JGB rocks the TRRI Custom 15.]
Do you mean Stu Allen?[/quote]
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spacehead333 wrote:So i know i just made a topic about les paul, or prs. But i found a brown Gibson Sg special for 800 bucks, and i was asking should i get it, or wait and get a les paul or prs. The SG is brand new
i've played countless Les Pauls, SG's, and PRS', and i found them all to be overpriced and overrated. i wouldn't pay over $750 for any of them, in fact i've found reasonable facsimiles for each of them in the $300-$500 range. my main problem with these guitars is, if you're going to spend all that money, why would you get a guitar that will make you sound like eveyone else. FUCK A BUNCH OF THAT NOISE! if you want the warmth, resonance, and tone that an SG just doesn't have, get something with a chambered mahogany body, that isn't a les paul or a prs. find a luthier near you and have them build you a guitar. i did it, and for under $1000, i got the guitar of my dreams.

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