#22273  by Candyman421
good jam bands are dissappearing all around us, phish, cheese, big wu, to name a few, their just arent that many left, i wanna know some up and coming jammers that are gonna make some noise, my moneys on ymsb, and moe. What do u think?

 #22276  by gratephulphish123
moe.'s hardly up and coming, been at it for double digits now. the next big jam bands havent shown themselves yet, but hopefully it wont be umphreys or disco. best case scenario the future big jam bands are the respective bands of the guys on this site :cool:

 #22304  by germfisk
Here is my 2 cents, and I may have no idea what I'm talking about, but it seems like the jam scene has become over saturated. In the beginning, there were just a few "jam bands." Cream, The Allmans and of course the beloved Dead, mainly. Then, in the '80's we got Phish, Panic and a few other smaller bands. All of them were putting out great music. Then in the '90's, there all of a sudden were like, 1000 "jambands." Some were and are great bands, making really original, creative music. But many, if not most, were and are good, but nothing really all that unique.

I would predict that there might be sort of a down time for the next few years while people look for something new and different. A few years from now, a whole new scene may emerge with a new sound (hopefully not just electronica type stuff).

Anyway, like I said, just my thoughts, I may have no idea what I am saying.

 #22305  by bodiddley
Ya, I'm hoping someone or some sound comes along soon that turns everything upside down instead of all the kiddies listening to this "Fall Out Boy" bullshit. What do you guys think of "White Stripes"? I go back and forth on diggin' them and despising them. I really don't like the dudes whiny voice that much and often they are so musically repititious to the point of regurgitation, but once in a while I hear a tune by them that just hits the spot. I realize I'm of the topic on jam bands here.

 #22306  by astroman99
Luckily...I've seen shows for over thirty years, and I don't care who fills the void, I am too old to jump in a car and drive cross country for a few shows,
However, I really like MMW, they seem to make it up as they go, which is what jamming is about,
however I have seen the disco biscuits...years ago and they were shroomfantastic
I would guess most of the good bands people have mentioned on this site ...at least part of what they do expands the pallete as it were of jamband music.
There will never be another Grateful Dead or Jerry Garcia, they both were a greatly effected by the times they were born into.

 #22307  by germfisk
I like the White Stripes. I understand what yer sayin' about his voice, but I think he is an excellent guitar player and songwriter.

I also really like Wilco. To me it seems like those are two bands that are doing something really different and good. Not at all like Fall Out Boy, and bands like that.

By the way, wasn't there a time when the popular "rock" bands were all wearing make up and putting on these big shows. I think it was called the 1980's...

 #22312  by tigerstrat
Sierra Leone Refugee All-Star Band
 #22317  by astroman99
Actually these guys are great--- Tinariwen
When listening to Aman Imam: Water is Life (World Village), one can almost feel the intense heat and humid winds of the Sahara while grooving out to lead guitar man and vocalist Ibrahim Ag Alhabib's wiry method of blues-based picking, a somewhat sharp sound to the naked ear.
They are from Africa... really trance inducing...brings me back, great live

 #22322  by lostsailor8782
Right now Yonder is kicking serious ass, and Leftover is playing again, Railroad Earth is on fire, theres still plenty to go around ...

 #22329  by lostsailor8782
Hajimemashite!!! wrote:UMPHREY'S IS GOD
Settle down, please ....

 #22334  by Hajimemashite!!!
just stating my opinion dude

umphs is better than any other band out there right now. the music they're making is like none other. They also have great songwriting and lyrics. But they keep jamming interesting, and they're the only band that seems to actually be getting better all the time.

bisco is pretty good too, but inconsistent imo

most other jambands are pretty boring

i mean i like ysmb but most of the things they play are too much alike. i do like it when they jam tho its pretty cool.

p-groove is boring

tea leaf is boring

and im sorry but every moe. jam sounds the same.

all will be fine tho

trey is reverting to 90's awesome trey again
see, his album is called horseshoe curve
and thats like a u turn
and phish will be good again

.....youll see

 #22336  by lostsailor8782
I am just screwing with you, I agree Moe is just one long loud ... well you get the point, see the thing about saying who is best, there is no best, we all have our own opinion, I mean people loved Green Day, lots of people, and they couldn't play for shit, but people dug it, If you dig Umphrey's check some of this shit out, it is Brenden Bayliss and Jeff Austin, great stuff


 #22343  by Banjomike0319
yeah I know they hooked up on Jam curize, saw something on youtube about it.

 #22349  by gratephulphish123
Hajimemashite!!! wrote:UMPHREY'S IS GOD
if umphreys is god i'm going to be very disapointed with heaven. might have to join jer in hell. it's hot and painful but it's still better than umph :lol: