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 #170582  by Neil Godbole
Hi There,

I guess I've been lurking on this forum for years, but for whatever reason I thought it was time to actually make an account!

I have been playing guitar for 25 years (I'm 40 so ... since 15?) and I've been playing drums since I was about 6. I run a recording studio known as Airship Laboratories on the water in Richmond, CA (near the Costco in El Cerrito).

I've been listening to the Dead ever since I had the fortune of attending both days of the further festival in 1998 @ shoreline amphitheater and my mind was opened forever...

It changed who I was, and how I perceive music. A real game changer. A few weeks later I saw Phish for the first time and that sealed the deal! :-?

I'm currently modding a PRS Special 22 Custom Semi Hollow to be a Jerry Tone Beast (hopefully). the guitar is super cool already, but with the mods I'll have the much needed center pickup isolated, as well as coil tappable. Plus some other cool mods. I'll make a post about it!

I go in phases of 'rediscovering' the dead, and this to me, is part of the beauty. The music isn't static, isn't just one studio version, but rather the various eras of the music live and breathe and the way we interact with the music changes as we grow as well. Just amazing, and mirrors the way I see life in general. I know I am speaking to the choir here! As I write this, I am listening to a Playing in the Band from 8-27-72 - hot and sticky that show was.. and it sounds like it :biggrin:

I work as a mix and tracking engineer at my studio. I focus mainly on Jazz and Indian Classical, but like working with all sorts of productions!

Looking forward to posting and joining in the conversation!

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 #170583  by lbpesq
Hi Neil, and welcome to the forum. I’m just a few miles South of you near Tilden Park. I’m a little older - my first show was with Pigpen - but the music is truly timeless. Always nice to have another head join the party.

Bill, tgo