#168057  by LazyLightning72
Here are the before and after pics of my Fender acoustic, sorry it took so long.

This is what it looked like when I took it out of its case, and I’m ashamed I let this happen. My mom (who recently passed) went and bought this for me without my knowledge. One day I had a big ole Fender box on my back doorsteps.

She was so worried she bought something I wouldn’t like, or that it was not good,etc... I’ll cherish this guitar till the day I go to join her.

Then after using a very small amount of the F-One
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 #168058  by Jon S.
^^^ (alternative to quoting the prior post :p )

Based on your pics, that F-One stuff does look impressive. Well, there's only one way to be certain (try it personally) - just added a bottle to my Amazon cart.
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 #168059  by LazyLightning72
In all honesty, I had a felling it would help, but not so dramatically. I heard a few people say there was an off putting smell after application.

What little odor (and I mean very little) I may be smelling was gone after 24hours of doing the rosewood neck on my 60s CV

Hope you have similar results Jon!
 #168062  by LazyLightning72
So far the new strings I put on the 60s CV which was treated with the F-One on the 28th look and feel fine. I’ll update if I notice any negative changes.

I’m about to put a new set on the acoustic, which I’ll also keep an eye on for any issues.
 #168063  by Gr8fulCadi
I’ve used F-One for a couple years and there’s no leftover residue. A little goes a long way and I wipe clean any excess. Good to go!
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 #168068  by LazyLightning72
The only thing I did different between the 60s CV and the acoustic, is I let the F-One sit about 5 min, before wiping the excess off ( which wasn’t much ) Before I went to bed last night I leaned over just to see if there was an odor, and there wasn’t.

I used about the same amount on both necks, a little really goes a long way. I have no doubt that 4oz bottle will last years.

I forgot to mention,
I also used q tips to get right up where the frets meet the fingerboard. I always wash my hands before playing, and wipe the strings and fingerboard off when I’m done. I was kinda surprised at the amount of gunk that came off.
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 #168069  by PurpleTrails
I've never had residue with F-One. I did when I took my guitar to a Sam Ash "bring your guitar in for a free restringing and general cleanup" event before the 'rona hit. Whatever they used left all kinds of gunk on the strings (and my fingers).