#167984  by tdcrjeff
D'oh, I didn't read down that far. I assumed (and you know what they say) that something listed up front as being in "excellent" condition would be fully functional. The way I read it I think it just means they didn't actually test the functionality, not that they are non-functional. Also, the way I read the title I inferred 100 MC-50s (which really does seem excessive), but it's probably just the first two of a total of 100 (+) items, not 100 MC50s. That's more clear given the full description as well as the seller's other listings. So much for only reading a title and looking at the photos. :lol:

So "MC50 Flood" is really "Two MC50s looking to be in really good shape, possibly functional currently under $300"?
 #167985  by lbpesq
I read it the same way. Still, even if it needs a little work, it could be worth it for the right price. I suspect, however, that the price will head north in the last minutes of the listing.

Bill, tgo
 #167986  by Jon S.
I haven't seen a unit in that good of a condition cosmetically since buying mine several years ago. How it actually performs, though, is (as has already been noted) uncertain. Still, almost anything can be repaired.
 #168016  by tdcrjeff
They went for $430 and $470, BTW.