#167920  by MisterCharlie33
Hey new friends, long time lurker first time poster...
Like all of us here I’m searching for a decent Jerry tone. I’m currently rockin a stock blues jr iii...
I’ve recently come across two twin reverbs. The first being an absolute mint condition 69 silverface w stock jbls. It hasn’t had any work done but was mostly used as a record player amp for this persons grandparents. The second is a pretty haggard 70-72 that’s been totally gone through and blackfaced. Also with jbls-for about $300 less.
I’m curious what you guys might think-or would gravitate towards.... any input is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I realize I should play em both-but each amp is six hours in the opposite direction...
 #167922  by Hitime
I would go for the 69 it would probably still be the same as a black face i have a 65 blackface twin and a 70 silverface they are wired the same except the 65 has a very clean and tight wiring job with cloth wire and some different brand caps than the 70 with a lot of wire slack and kind of sloppy wire job and plastic covered wires i am pretty sure both are 85 watts and both sound great both pretty much stock and the 70 twin chassis is very beat up looking
 #167926  by TI4-1009
And if you won't be playing stadiums during the current pandemic ( :lol: ), you won't be able to crank it anywhere near where you need to to get "that Jerry sound" out of it.
 #167927  by PurpleTrails
I'd go for the '69. Sounds like you'd need to do less work on it, which could easily eat up the $300 difference in price.

By the same token, this:
TI4-1009 wrote:And if you won't be playing stadiums during the current pandemic ( :lol: ), you won't be able to crank it anywhere near where you need to to get "that Jerry sound" out of it.
I have a silverface with k120's in it, and I literally never use it at home because I'd like to maintain the structural integrity of my walls, and not anger both my family and neighbors.
 #167929  by lbpesq
I have a BF Pro Reverb with D120s. Sounds great LOUD. Very heavy. I stopped using it ten years ago. Twins are even LOUDER and HEAVIER! Definitely try before you buy.

Bill, tgo
 #167932  by PurpleTrails
Lol, I didn't even bring up the weight of my twin. It's about 120 pounds, and as a result I'd never move it if it wasn't on casters.
 #167937  by jalevinemd
Used to gig with a Twin Reverb. Will never lug around anything that heavy again. Plenty of great tones out there in much lighter packages.
 #167943  by mkaufman
I'm selling a '68 Fender Dual Showman Reverb TFL 5000D head. Since it's a head, it addresses the weight issue as it connects to a separate speaker cabinet.

It was given the complete Jerry treatment by Jason Ferguson (well known in these circles). It can be used as a complete amp, or, since it's tapped, you can use it as a pre-amp pushing, for example, an external McIntosh power amp. It also can produce two different tones: Fender and Mesa Boogie, depending on the input used.

If you're interested, let me know. I'm near NYC, however, I will ship.

 #168002  by Jturbide
Not really helping you decide here but I'd personally look for something smaller and with a master volume.
You ever tried a Mesa Boogie ? I thought they were metal amps until I saw Jerry and Bob using them in a video of a live show.
I now have a MKIII and an express 5:50. Both are amazing amp and super tweakable. Also the master help you being able to play at home and get great tones