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 #167356  by mglambo
Hello All,

Just found this site. I'm 64 years old, started playing guitar again after retiring about 5 years ago. Before the plague I mostly jammed with a few group of friends in basements playing lots of Dead and other stuff. Now I sit home playing over backing tracks and fooling around and hopefully improving my playing. Been a Dead guy since '73.
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 #167359  by lbpesq
Hi, mglambo, and welcome to the club. I enjoyed my quarantined 65th last month. This is a great place for Deadheads. Make sure you check out the “Guitar Tabs” link at the top right of the page. Lots of tunes to learn!

Stay safe,

Bill, tgo
 #167363  by PaulJay
Howdy, hope we can all get out there and jam again sooner then later.