#167267  by Jon S.
I realize the odds are low but still, I'm curious whether anyone here owns or has played one. If so, what do you think of it? In particular, though Gil is best known for his jazz influenced by killer country and blues chops, what do you think of the middle single coil, alone, for Dead and more?

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 #167271  by Jon S.
If and when you do get to try one, please share your impressions.

I don't know Gil beyond having met just briefly several times, including once over drinks and snacks at one of his Blues Alley gigs in DC (we share a mutual friend that Gil knows from high school), but he's a killer guitarist and friendly person.
 #167392  by Jon S.
As long as we're also praising other Reverend models now, here's my 1998, S/N #291, USA Avenger, aged white phenolic resin top and back, tortoise pickguard, very early beefy Eastpoint neck , maple fretboard, and trem. I've heavily modded it with, among other things, an OBEL, on-board UGB (CAE-1), and Dimarzio Super Distortion bridge, Kent Armstrong 6.3K middle, and Lindy Fralin 9.0 K Steel Pole 43 PUPs (the 5-way gives bridge HB, bridge and middle in series, middle, neck tapped at 6.0K ohms, and full-on neck). The controls are master volume and tone, and a minitoggle that takes the OBEL into or out of the circuit.

Though I also own a Philtone Jerrycaster ("Tiger") and Scarlet Fire Wolf 2.1, my Avenger is presently my #1 due to, among other things, its incredible versatility. Special thanks to Phil Jacoby www.philtone.com for the mods.