#167248  by sw72
Big Thank You and Compliments to Bob (augustwest1) here on Rukind for another outstanding Wolf Tribute. I am the lucky owner of his latest work. Like those that came before I can attest to the fact that his work is outstanding. The tone is spot on - its hard to explain you just know it when someone nails it. After decades of experience I can say that I finally hear the sound in my head. As you have read before The Wolf has all you would ask for and more. It checks every box - pickups, waldo buffer, pots, switches, scale, tone, etc... Most importantly for those considering this kind of treasure I would like to truly like to compliment the builder. Bob is a gentleman, an artisan, this is not some business, it is simply his passion and I am honored to be able to forever cherish his work. These kinds of purchases are inevitably fraught with risk. More often than not your buying on reputation and at a distance. Bob is a great communicator, that is really important. Bob cares about getting it exactly right and proudly shared with me every step in the process. I saw the saw dust and dumpster scraps when things were not exactly perfect. In the end I am so proud of this decision and the result. I plan on staying in touch with Bob as I really enjoyed getting to know him and our weekly and sometimes daily chats. If you are looking for someone to build your Wolf or Tiger, I know there are a few options, many of them are deservedly celebrated, all I can convey is my experience. I would recommend Bob and am thrilled with this decision. Best to you all. Sorry the pics are not great. Bob likely can post some real photography. Cheers to Bob and to all of you for making this community. This pandemic sucks but things just got a lot better, happy to report every silver lining has a touch of grey. We will survive. Thanks Bob.
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 #168384  by rbmunkin
What is the history of the Wolf sticker/inlay? I've seen different ones on his guitar. A blue background and a maple-colored one.
 #168387  by tdcrjeff
rbmunkin wrote: Mon Oct 12, 2020 7:13 am What is the history of the Wolf sticker/inlay? I've seen different ones on his guitar. A blue background and a maple-colored one.
When Jerry first got the guitar in 1973 it had no Wolf. Then a couple of months later he added the sticker (with the blue background). Later in 1977 when he started playing it again (after the Travis Beans), Irwin had replaced the sticker with an actual inlay.
 #168397  by lbpesq
Wolf fell off the stage during a European tour, resulting in a broken headstock. Doug repaired the guitar, replacing the former logos, an Alembic logo and Doug’s peacock, with his bird in flight logo. Then, as a surprise for Jerry, he replaced the Wolf sticker with the inlaid Wolf before returning the guitar.

Bill, tgo
 #168552  by O'B
Can anyone tell me where I can obtain the correct volume/tone knobs like Wolf? Thanks, Kevin O'Brien
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 #168561  by LazyLightning72
Sorry if the answer is buried in this thread, I couldn’t find it.

What kind of bridge is that,?
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