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Been listening to a lot of 1990 after a particularly impressive DSO show on Monday, and was wondering what kind of effects Bobby was using at the time. Sounds like a mix of distortion and reverb/chorus to me. People playing the Weir part and emulating that late 80s sound, what's your setup like?
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This is the sound I go for, basically... There is a bunch of ways you can do this, but here's mine... Ibanez HSH with coil split and out of phase mods, Pigtronix compressor, Pigtronix envelope phaser for almost always on phase and filter when needed, Wampler Ace-Thirty for some EQ and boost (not really needed but it sounds good). Then, I have two layers of overdrive... JHS morning glory is basically always on and just colors the tone, then a Foxpedal Wrath (basically a modernized Proco Rat) for the cruncy sound from that era. There's also a Boss GT-1 for some slapback and light reverb. I also use that for quick switching sounds with different amp modelers and to fill in a couple other holes in some instances. I use a Moog MF Boost connected to a Boss expression pedal for volume swells with a nice grit. My amp is a Mesa Boogie Rocket 44.

So, with this setup I can get a nice crunchy, 80s-90s Weir tone, but it is also very versatile and I can color it with my own style however I want. The great thing about the guitar mods is I can be playing rhythm in the 2nd tone switch position, then with one switch to the neck pickup, the mods are cut and I get a much more robust humbucker tone for leads, or whatever... very fast to switch back and forth.

Not sure if any of this is helpful, but that's what I use.

*edit* Just realized you posted this May of last year... whew, this place is dead. Sorry for the late reply.
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