#165751  by milobender
My favorite is mixing a D120 with K120 "o) I think the Ds are a bit more mellow, the Ks a bit sharper... but it varies tremendously, as you've said. I rebuild my own, so I have a bit of a baseline of rebuild to old comparison, but magnets vary, baskets vary, it's like tubes, you just have to give a listen "o)
 #165754  by lbpesq
I have two K120s in two 1x12 cabs. One has been reconed with hemp. The hemp cone JBL is a little darker sounding. I “jumper” my guitar through both channels of an Alembic F-2B and a Carvin DCM200L, and tweak the channel for the stock K120 for treble, while adjusting the the channel for the hemp-coned JBL to accentuate the lows. Then I adjust the relative volumes of the two channels to taste. Love the JBLs.

Bill, tgo
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 #165775  by BoxOfRain
The D120's to my ears are the most nuanced of the bunch, better string to string definition and tactile factor, they are also the easiest to blow up and because of their discursion characteristics will not reliably handle distortion on a regular.
The K's are very D like but with a slightly larger voice coil and power handling capability, my personal choice.
The E's are much higher headroom, heavier and to my ear nowhere near as toneful as the D or K's.
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 #166434  by perljam
I have a Weber speaker in one of my amps and it sounds great. They make a "California" model that should be very similar to a vintage JBL, but I haven't tried it.
 #166619  by happyjay
Pointclear wrote: Sat May 25, 2019 7:51 am I know this is an old thread, but I want to chime in about my experiences with jbls. I have never used the d120’s, but I have cycled through quite a few e’s and k’s. My impression is that each individual speaker sounds different! Age and condition of the cone, etc. Seems to make a really big difference. Overall, I can say that the e’s are more crisp and fast sounding and the k’s are more round and sustaining. The high end on the k’s can get too piercing sometimes. I prefer to mix an e and a k together in a cabinet. I feel I get the best of both worlds.
Pointclear... you wanna try a D or two? I now have a pair... in a little bit rougher shape than pristine but still operable. Deciding whether to recone or patch. Also, per your comment about K's being a bit shrill up top - how do you feel now that you have a Mac in the equation?
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 #166620  by Pointclear
Oh man. I would love to try a d120! Please bring them on!

The Mac definitely makes the k120’s sound better - still super bright, but good bright. I think that part of the key to getting the jbl’s to darken and express best is to push them hard. Gotta push them. I’m guessing that the d120’s are easiest to that with.

My k110’s sound amazing pushed. They really break up beautifully. I hope all is well up there buddy.