#165889  by StevieCharles
I am looking for a clean boost pedal for my Strat and Blues Jr, any suggestions? I know that I am not into it like you guys but still love the music!!! Please, I need a miracle!!!
 #165890  by bzbz
I use a BOSS GE-7 equalizer - I am pretty sure you can get one for about a hundred bucks - I have the bands flat (actually I have the extreme left and extreme right down one notch) - and I have the level set to boost.

This works real well as a clean boost - plus it gives me the option of using more of the EQ functions if I want to (though I rarely do)

I have, in the past, used an OD pedal (OD all the way off, level up for boost) - and at one time, I even used a compression pedal for clean boost. The BOSS works best IMO.
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 #165894  by joshq
+1 for the Sarno Earth Drive, especially with Strat. Can be nearly perfectly clean and add as much or little hair as you like. I've not used one, but a couple folks I trust really like the Xotic EP boost.
 #165896  by strumminsix
Best I ever owned is Catalinbred super chili picoso with the fat switch
 #165903  by StevieCharles
Anyone have any thoughts on the tc electronics Spark? I can't find an earth drive I can afford... I have entertained the exotic...so many choices!!!
 #165904  by wabisabied
I use an EP Booster at the front of my pedal chain (after whah,) always on. Simple and clean boost for my Strat with Lace Sensor pups. It gets turned down to almost zero with hum buckers, which still provides a touch of boost.

I also have an Earth Drive, but use it to dirty up and darken my sound a bit. Haven’t really run it totally clean since I have the EP for that.
 #165906  by lbpesq
I use the EP at the end of my chain, always on and set at minimal boost.

If you’re looking for a clean boost pedal at a good price, and you know how to use a soldering iron, the General Guitar Gadgets Alembic Stratoblaster clone pedal is quite good, and only $38.

Bill, tgo
 #166166  by zambiland
lbpesq wrote: Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:54 am Sarno Music Solutions Earth Drive is quite nice.

Bill, tgo
Brad has a new clean boost pedal out that would be well worth trying. And then there is new Thick Air pedal.
 #166176  by zambiland
lbpesq wrote: Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:18 am Never heard of a “Thick Air” pedal. Apparently, neither has google.

Bill, tgo
Be careful not to ignore all the details that people post. The inventor and builder of the pedal replied to the post. It's still a very new thing. The only person I know of who has had one in his hands is Josh Olken and he has posted a video of it on FB.