Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #165757  by jtkeoughan
 Tue May 28, 2019 4:34 am
Hey Now!

Both amps have Sold.
Thank you!!

I have an incredible amp that I need to sell.
I had two of these amps and sold one a couple of weeks ago.
This amp was hand built by Dan Lurie at fyd amps. The man is an artist when it comes to “point to point” soldering.

The amp is rated at 50watts and is loaded with a JBL E120. It sounds incredible and is extremely “clean” at any volume. This amp has a pair of “Kick Back” legs for tilting the amp. Of course it’s designed with Dan’s TRP( twin reverb preamp) with the famous Jerry Garcia modification. I purchased this amp back in April so it’s basically brand new. When ordering amps from Dan, you get to design the details. I chose to go with Dan’s monicker TRiPs 44 and added a “clean boost” toggle.
This is the best Combo amp to get that Jerry Garcia tone ever built. I’ve gone through a few trying to trim down my rig for setup ease on smaller stages.
Build time on these amps run about two months at FYD. This is your chance to pick one up with no wait.
$1400 loaded with the JBL
$1300 unloaded
(plus shipping)
Comes with custom fit Tuki padded cover
email me and let’s talk
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