#15913  by cocomoco
Hey folks...

I posted three GDTRFB videos on YouTube not too long ago that might help. I also tabbed out some of the song and the ending. Just search on 'jkilcull gdtrfb'

Email me for a copy of tab...

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 #15914  by BlobWeird
Seems someone is tryin to steal jdarks spotlight hahaha

 #15915  by jck_strw
Cool! Thanks for sharing and welcome.

 #15917  by st. stephen
yeah man, that's great!!!
tab it out and post it here in the tab archive....please :cool:
 #15925  by cocomoco
jdarks is my man!! no one can steel his show...

Just thought I would try and share what I love...

The greatest honor I had was when jdarks, the man himself, got turned on to the Waiting for a Miracle video I posted on YT and couldn't wait to try it himself...


 #15926  by weedar
Why not just post the links to the videos here? :-)

Edit: And post the tabs! :cool:

 #15927  by phpbb
If you wanted to post the tabs, send me a PM and I can create a page that has your tabs and youtube video attached, then add it to the collection.

 #15928  by BlobWeird
cocomoco I was just kiddin lol. But yeah I listened to your GDTRFB a month or two ago and it was good. I love dozin so good pick!