#160323  by nuthatchwinters
just received my 2 jbl's e120 to be loaded in the ht cabinet I recently purchased which should be delivered in a few more weeks. so in the mean time I would like to swap out the old fender stock speakers out of my fender twin and put the new jbl's in until new cabinet arrives. it appears the speaker wire was soldered on to old speaker so I disconnected just one for now. the new jbl's appear to have a little circular input hole on the back that line up when you press in slightly. I'm assuming to just insert the exposed speaker wire (after cutting back casing a little) into the holes when pressing in to line them up correctly and that's it? just want to make sure. warning: complete dummy when it comes to these matters
 #160325  by lightningbolt
Your assumption is correct. Good luck with the E120's. I have a pair in a TRM HT Style cab and I couldn't be happier. You just need to put some power trough them to get them singing.
 #160326  by TeeJay
Just remember polarity is opposite on the older jbls. The positive speaker wire goes into the black jbl terminal and the negative wire goes into the red jbl terminal.
 #160327  by playingdead
It's been almost a decade since I played through real speakers (!) but I seem to recall that E-120s are backasswards from what you might think as far as the positive/negative terminals ... you can always do the battery test to make sure the cone is pushing outward when you brush the wires against the corresponding battery terminals. If the cone sucks in, it's backwards.
 #160329  by nuthatchwinters
thank you all. greatly appreciated. and just want to make sure: speaker wire- white=positive black = negative? (playingdead, you make us Mass. dead heads proud)
 #160330  by TeeJay
Yeah white speaker wire + would go JBL black pinch terminal. Black speaker wire - would go JBL red pinch terminal.