#158196  by Deadhead85
Does anyone know which 59 humbuckers are in the higher end model? Im seeing 59's (SH-1N & SH-1B) and the 59 vintage blues set. Im assuming theyre the regular 59's I mentioned first?? Anyone shed some light on this? Thanks!
 #158222  by Deadhead85
Drybonz wrote:DA-59s from the D’Angelico website.
I saw that too. I believe the "DA" is just D'Angelico's "stamp" on the pickup. From what Ive found and read, they are they original Seymour Duncan 59s (SH-1N and the SH-1B).
 #158282  by Deadhead85
Drybonz wrote:Right... that's what I had assumed as well. I actually just bought a set of those Seymours to put in my D'Angelico.
Very cool man, right on! I just did myself, and dropped the guitar off to a tech yesterday...I'll be picking it up on Thursday, can't wait!
 #158284  by Drybonz
Cool... hope you like it. I am really enjoying mine, but it needed some work before it was ready to go. Aside from the standard setup it needed a fret dressing and a couple frets reset. The pickups were pretty muddy, so I am replacing with the SD 59's. The pots were cheap junk... wobbling around and were more like an "on/off" switch rather than incremental tone and volume changes. I'm getting it back from the guy that does my tech work tomorrow with the new pickups and pots installed. I already had it back for a week after he did all the neck work and it plays like a dream... I was really liking it.

So for anyone who is interested in feedback on the guitar... I think it's very nice, but be prepared to put some more money into it after you buy it... probably looking at about $1500 total when it's said and done. I guess most guitars, off the shelf, are like that these days... but overall I can recommend it.
 #158340  by TI4-1009
Review in the new Vintage Guitar mag.
 #158345  by Deadhead85
Just wanted to add that I got the guitar back, with the 59's installed.....what a difference!! The guitar is great as it is, but with a set of 59's in it, it becomes more alive! The pickups and tone are clear and crisp and much more responsive, exactly what was needed!