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 #157356  by milobender
Hello all,

All of my photos have been replaced with a shakedown notice from Photobucket. I imagine others here are in the same position. They've demanded $400 per year to allow 3rd party hosting. After 10 years of using their service, and perhaps hundreds of photos posted here and elsewhere, the assholes gave no notice, they simply shut my photos down. It appears this has happened to every Photobucket user that uses the 3rd party process.

I will not be blackmailed in this way. The price is ridiculous. I'm sorry the photos may be down forever. I'm looking at different alternatives, and will certainly never use Photobucket again. In the mean time you can see photos of my work at my website or at the facebook page

There are many photos on this forum that aren't posted on either site. In all likely hood I will simply have to create a history page with all the photos... all this will take time.

Sorry for the problem, I'm shocked at how careless and mercenary these fuckheads have become.

Brian White
Io Custom Guitars