#150769  by MattMan
Looking to play in the Ann Arbor area.
Guitar: PRS S2 Custom 24 w/Dimarzio Super II's, OBEL, Wald TPC-1 buffer
Preamps: SMS Classic-JG, Fender Twin
Power Amp: MC2100, MosValve-MV962
Speakers: K-120/E-120
Switcher: Musicom Labs EFX MKII
Effects: Mutron III, OC-2, Reuss OD-1 Clone, OD-2 (Japan), MXR + (1980), GE-7, DD-5, TCE M350, Joyo JF-06

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 #150776  by Searing75
Sounds great man! I lived in Ann Arbor for a summer after I graduated from St. Bonaventure in NY. My band at the time, Evil Genius, went out there and set up shop. We did well. Played the Blind Pig, and many parties. It didn't work out with the one member who brought us out there, so we booted him and moved to Albany NY. I loved Ann Arbor, and wish you the best of luck!
 #166186  by Tgflkdot
I dont trust myself with the final drive install, so Im looking for a well respected shop in Richmond to do the work. I have an extra diff, so I will just be dropping off the diff, ring & pinion, and shims. Anyone know of a place?