#145512  by Marlow
I just lucked into a Roland Jazz Chorus 55 and I think it sounds pretty great, and not just "for a solid state." My old Princeton Chorus (also ss), does a fair Fender sparkle on the clean channel, so I was wondering whether anyone else has had experiences with good ss amps for Jerry tones. Talking about your solid-state amps is a bit like admitting to your Playboy stash, but what the hell.
 #145513  by PaulJay
I had JC-120 for years, it was too heavy. Sold it when I found a JC-77. Got rid of a Fender DRRI because I liked the Roland better. These amps can survive anything. Used to keep it in the back of my Jeep for 3 Yrs. still plays great.
 #145537  by James-T
My first amp was a deluxe reverb. 78 vintage bought new. A year or so later a picked up a Roland Cube. I loved that thing. Cleaner than the Fender. I ended up getting a Boss Sterio Chorus and used two for a few years I had regular jams in the chicken shack on the farm I lived on at collage.

When I stopped playing electric in my 30s and paired down I let the Fender go first. Lol.

That's all I'm saying.

Roland is a great brand.


 #145547  by joethepainter
strumminsix wrote:Am I the only one thinking Dumble?
Nope. 8)
I'll add that I played thru a jc-120 a bunch when I was younger, my old man had one in the studio (our basement), shimmering stereo cleans :D
 #145552  by justcol
I scored an early 80s Roland Cube (which we like to think of as the "poor man's JC!") a couple of years ago: it's a great little amp, though perhaps a little muddy (but after 30 years of listening to Garcia there isn't nearly enough treble in this world!). Regardless, it's reliable and consistant.

I think people are took quick to overlook and dismiss solid state amps, and forget that there were some great amps made back in the 70s/80s, as I'm sure the jc will prove to you. Of course, it means better pickings for us more discerning types!

Happy pickin!

 #145556  by Searing75
A JC120 was my first gigging amp, and it was awesome! I got all hung up on the search for Jerrys tone, that I traded it in for a reissue twin, that I ended up gutting and putting in my own point to point board in. Anyways, wish I still had it!
 #145567  by gmchart
I recently got a JC 77. Haven't played thru it a whole lot but I really like it. Mostly I was just lookin' for a thread where nobody's yellin'.
 #145570  by Marlow
Wow, I didn't realize there were so many Roland aficionados! Glad I'm not the only one. I love my tube amps, but it's nice to just turn on the JC and play, switch guitars without turning it off etc. Plus, in a blind A/B test I'm not sure I'd always pick the tube amp. Maybe the metal dome speakers rub off a little JBL vibe.
 #145576  by James-T
I'm laughing now. " Mostly looking for a thread where nobody's yelling. " I posted in Bobby tone thinking the same thing. Time will tell if a simple DSO thread goes south to.

It's like the frighing titanic here these days. What's up with that?

Must still be cold as hell back east. :(.

Peace everyone. Life is short. Enjoy your friends.

 #145579  by pickngrin
I've recently pulled out my old 80s college band days SS amp--a Yamaha G100 212 I I I --and have been getting some nice "Twin-ish" tones out of it. Like the Rolands I've played, it has miles of headroom and the two 12s help get that nice "thunk" on the nut end E and A strings. I'm using a Mooer pure boost as a sort of a preamp to warm up the tone and it sound good to me, sort of a poor man's SMS>Mac! :lol: :P :smile: I plan on gigging with it in the future. It's a heavy sucker--good thing it's got wheels!