#143728  by EMF
Hey Now,

First of all Happy New Year.

I am a bass player in Fairfield County, CT and am available for sub/ Phil in gigs in the metro NY area.

Have pro gear, have a lot of experience and am well versed in the catalogue.

Can be available in a pinch if need be.

Also in the market for a good keyboard player, vocals a big big plus.


 #143979  by guitrman918
Hey guys, wanna move t south Florida and play GD 4-5 nights a week In a bands called Crazyfingers? Our ad is below, it also applies to rhythm guitar.

South Florida Grateful Dead Cover band Crazyfingers is seeking an experienced professional bass player who has a track record of playing GD music. We gig steadily 4-5 nights a week and have been doing so for the last 20+ years. GD covers and Original Music (we have two original cd's).

Is there anyone out there who would like to come live in sunny south florida and play music 4 nights a week?

We are looking to fill this position ASAP as we have gigs all week/month long. If you u are interested or want to hear more about it please send me a message here or email me at fingeraudition/@ /gmail.com. Thanks!
 #143981  by EMF
Hey gateman:

Seeing as it is 0 degrees, the thought of moving to south Florida is very enticing. Very familiar with crazy fingers and would love to try out if circumstances were right but alas I am stuck in the northeast for the time being. I know it's a great opportunity for the right guy

Will be down in fla in March and would love to sit in if possible.

By the way what happened to bubba? Hope all is well
 #144000  by ugly rumor
This is tempting. What part of Florida? Is Wellington close?
 #147290  by EMF
hey now, still alive and well and available to any of you players in the Westchester/Fairfield area who may be in need of some Phil style bass.
 #147898  by Franklin
Hey Eric. Are you only looking for sub work and/or a keyboard player?

I am considering putting together a Dead band a handful of shows. What I envision is a band that is different than all other 50 northeast Dead bands, and I would only want to do 10 or so (quality) gigs a year -mostly the festival circuit if possible.

So, either way I would be looking for a sub on bass too. Just in case. I am located Litchfield.

Send me an email if you are interested.

fjdenigris AT yahoo.com
 #155115  by EMF
Happy New Year. still alive and well and available if you have a need