#140247  by tcsned
To each his own, I love the lines of that guitar. Doesn't seem metal-ish to me, not that it would be a bad thing :cool:

It looks to me like a killer Tiger/Wolf hybrid with some other cool stuff in there.
 #140255  by James-T
That's one bad ass axe. I love Matt's ebony look. The black is friggin amazing against the maple and inlays. This one is every bit as nice as Stu's. A masterpiece for sure.

And I'd take the Wolf shape over the Tiger body any day of the week. Less ornate and it's really fitting for the richness of the black finish.


 #140257  by drkstrcrashes
maybe this will show the contour better:

Thanks for allowing me the space to share everyone! Not everyone is going to love the black ebony and that's fine! I love it and the guitar plays and sounds great. Gunna jump head first into the studio and hopefully find some like-minded folks to play out with. Thanks again!
 #140258  by gr8fulbluz
The cyclops has always been one of my favorites. The feather in the inlay looks almost 3-D. {{It was also one of the first stickers on my first car.}}
. . . Love the cyclops inlay.

So the black is ebony, not a stain or whatnot. Looks great.
 #140266  by Pete B.
I like the look!... And really love that Inlay.
Just curious... The Saddles appear to be nearly straight across (in the top-down pic up top it looks like string-5 and maybe 4 are out of their saddle-slots). Is the Intonation set?

 #140268  by Searing75
Do the strings clear the back of the bridge? That tail piece looks very close to the bridge. I ask because on my Phiga it is set up similar, and I can't use the harmonica style bridge because of this.

 #140272  by SpaceYrface43
Great looking instrument. How long was the build and did you do anything different with the electronics or is it the basic Garcia wiring style? Really dig the body style bottom end almost has a little fender jag/jazz style to it. Enjoy it I bet it's a blast.