#128397  by WharfRat42
Okay, I was curious about this and am posting this both here and in the Jerry Tone section. I'm curious about Phred instruments. I can't afford any big priced guitars - no Alembics, no Moriarty's for me, etc. The PHRED price range seemed too good to be true, and it's exactly what I'm able to spend on guitars (if I finish saving up, the other cost being patience). I figured here would be a better place to post both questions - the first is, how is it for a Jerry guitar replica - only one layer of wood (plus a veneer on the wolph), and I'm not sure how the preamp is. I've seen one or two reviews on the 'tube, If anyone could shed light on that that would be great.

Second question - how versatile are they? I play a fair variety (of blues and Allman Brothers in addition to the obvious), and that amount of money spend on a guitar good for only one thing for me would be a bad choice. I need it to be fairly versatile - I know Alembics can be, because I saw that review by Phil X on YouTube, playing things he shouldn't on a Tribute. I don't play Black Sabbath or metal or anything like that, it's way too heavy for me, but I saw him briefly making it sound like a strat - SRV/Steve Miller tone to be precise. Is this possible on the PHRED ones? I don't see why not, but I would like verification before I go and devote myself to the cause of a wolph or liger.

Also... as a new Deadhead, is it fine for me to prefer the Wolf replica to the Tiger replica? :-) I just think it looks cooler, and a little less bulky.

 #128413  by strumminsix
Welcome! I know you're new so I've gotta let ya know there is no need to duplicate threads here. Most search log in and search new posts. Not go into all 200 sub forums.
 #128417  by WharfRat42
Sorry about that - it was only two sub-forums! Anyway, it was the second question I am having a hard time finding.
I'll dig deeper next time - I'm guilty of being lazy, I admit. Sorry.
 #131263  by tapestry
Dave A Bear was playing a WOLPH in LA a couple of nights ago. i havent talked to him about how he liked it, but will report back soon.

I have a LIGER coming this friday. Ill report on that as well. I currently play a custom warmouth tiger.
 #132032  by easytoslip
tapestry wrote:I have a phred tiger in house now. Ill post a full review and samples as soon as I can. So far: I like it!
nice, looking forward to hearing samples, mik

edit to add: was my understanding that user: Tapestry = mik bondy, band member w/Kat. apologies if incorrect

2nd edit: my name's Tiff Heath
 #132493  by boater1941
From what I gathered looking at the Liger it seems like a poor man's Epiphone SG with two more frets. No name parts and definitely no dimarzio dp104's. There's no visible wood grain and who knows how the on board buffer is designed. The wolph looks alittle nicer but no matter what model purchased they both would be going on the operating table upon arrival .
 #132819  by barefootdave
My friend bought a Wolph after my Moriarty arrived and he loves it. Good player also. Look on YouTube for his samples.
 #133094  by boater1941
Yeah tapestry how does it compare? Post some pics of the wiring if you could. I know your playing from the Garcia Project. Don't tell me this guitar gives you any better tone than your already awesome tone. My guess is it's worse.
ps. Why does everyone use Althea as a demo tune????